Dollar Store Organization: The Snack Cabinet

Dollar Store Organization | Organize Your Kids' Snack Cabinet on a Budget

Last year we found out our son has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy.  I was immediately on a mission to rid our house of anything that came in even the slightest contact with nuts.  Since most of our cupboards are low to the ground and right at Jackson’s level, the first step was creating a cabinet just for snacks that are considered “safe.”

Of course I didn’t just want the snack cabinet to be safe, I also wanted it to be organized and pretty.  To accomplish this, I first measured the cabinet’s shelf space.  I then went to the dollar store to buy as many plastic baskets as I could fit in the cabinet.  Dollar Tree has a whole aisle of these plastic baskets in all different sizes and colors.  I took everything out of the cabinet and sorted it into categories.  I threw away anything that we don’t eat.  I then printed labels, designating each bin a type of snack.

This system prevents us from overbuying.  If it won’t fit in the baskets, we won’t buy it.  It also stops us from buying junk that doesn’t belong in any of our baskets (no basket, no business in our house!).  We do, like any budget-conscious family, have a small stockpile in our basement.  Snacks that we stock up on during sales or things we buy in bulk at Sam’s Club go there.

The best part of the this system is that, even though he can’t read, Jackson  has memorized what is in each basket.  It definitely helps in figuring out what exactly a finicky two-year-old wants at any given time.  But of course he doesn’t have open access to this cabinet – that’s what baby locks are for!Organized Snack Cabinet

Dollar Store Organization | Organize Your Kids' Snack Cabinet on a Budget

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