Practical Gifts for Expectant Mamas

Practical gift ideas for expectant mamas | gifts for pregnant women | gift ideas

Gift ideas for expectant moms | best gifts for pregnant women | mom to be presents

Buying gifts for anyone can be stressful – expectant mothers are no exception.  Being pregnant with my second child, I have a little experience to help with that!  I came up with my top 5 gifts for pregnant women.  Do not limit yourself to only giving these gifts at Christmas – they also make great gifts for birthdays, baby showers, or just because!

Gifts for Pregnant Women


  1.  Gift Card for Maternity Clothes – Moms have a difficult time justifying spending money on themselves.  I’ve found this to be especially true when pregnant.  I always thought buying maternity clothes would be fun, but once I became pregnant I had a hard time buying because they’re only used for a few months.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate the opportunity to pick out something new, that fits our ever-changing bodies, we just don’t necessarily want to pay for it!  A Destination Maternity gift card is a great choice because it gives mamas the choice to use at both Motherhood and A Pea in a Pod.

2.  Robes – Robes always fit!  No need to buy this gift in the maternity department.  During pregnancy, and especially after baby arrives, mamas tend to spend a lot more time in the house.  Make her feel good with a pretty robe that can be worn over her jammies both during and after pregnancy.3.  Slippers – The perfect gift to accompany that robe!  Not only will a nice pair of slippers get lots of use at home, but your mama-to-be can also pack them in her hospital bag! I have these leopard Minnetonka slippers and I love them!

4.  A Pedicure – What mama-to-be wouldn’t appreciate a pedicure before baby comes?  Especially in later months, when it becomes harder and harder to reach our toes!  Find out her go-to nail salon or buy a Spafinder gift card that can be used at spas and salons across the country.

5.  Trendy Diaper Bag – I know this seems like more of a gift for the baby than the mama, but trust me it’s not.  Soon she’ll be trading in her favorite handbag for a big, bulky diaper bag.  Make it a big, bulky bag that she’s proud to carry!  I love Petunia Pickle Bottom’s diaper bags.  I have one that I use for my son and am planning to add another to my collection before my upcoming arrival gets here.  I’ve been eyeing the Petunia Pickle Bottom Downtown Tote.  If only I could make up my mind on what color and pattern I want!




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