Teaching the Letter “D” with Dinosaur Painting

Dinosaur Print Painting Teaching the letter D





In an effort to teach my son his letters, I’m constantly looking for creative ways to incorporate a learning lesson into our daily activities.  Jackson has a pretty limited vocabulary for a two-year-old, so I’ve really been focussing on teaching him sounds and then building words once he has mastered each sound.  I don’t want to overwhelm and frustrate him by introducing too much at once.  Anyone who has a child with an expressive language delay can relate to this daily struggle.

Our craft today is a fun way to teach the “D” sound.  By the end of painting, Jackson was repeating “dddddddd.”  I call that a successful morning in our house.  Happy dance for mama and baby!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Dinosaur Print Painting Teaching the letter D


  • Using the paper plate as your palette, prepare a variety of paint colors for your little one. Dinosaur Print Painting Teaching the letter D
  • Demonstrate how to dip the dinosaurs’ feet in the paint and make prints across the construction paper.  Don’t worry if the prints aren’t perfect, I promise you your little one will not mind one bit! Dinosaur Print Painting Teaching the letter D
  • While making the prints, make the “ddddd” sound.  I said “d-d-D…d-d-dinosaur.”  Then I told Jackson to make the “d-d-D sound.”  He replaced his usual dinosaur “roar” with the D-sound!Dinosaur Print Painting Teaching the letter D
  • When you are finished, write a capital and lowercase “Dd” at the top of the paper to show your little one what the letter Dd looks like.FullSizeRender copy 9.jpg

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