The Black Friday Dilemma

the black friday dilemma

So, I’m doing it.  I’m doing exactly what I’ve said I would NEVER do.  I’m going shopping on Thanksgiving.  As someone who has worked in retail, in fact I literally have a degree in it, I feel extremely guilty about this decision.  Although I’m admittedly the biggest hypocrite ever – I also feel like the world’s most awesome mom.  After we finish our Thanksgiving meal, my husband and I will be heading out to Toys ‘R’ Us.  Earlier this week, I happened to look at their Black Friday ad and saw many things on Jackson’s wish list at extremely discounted prices.  Then there it was – in big bold print – the dreaded stipulation.  Every single deal I was eyeing was available on Thanksgiving Day only.  Being it’s Jackson’s third Christmas, but the first one where he really understands the whole Santa thing, I want to make it special.  This is one way we can afford to spoil him the way we want to.  After much debate with my conscience, I made my decision: I decided to be a good mommy and an overall horrible human-being.

So here’s my apology.  To all my friends who work in retail.  To everyone who has to miss Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones because their store is open on Thanksgiving.  I am truly sorry.  I promise to be polite to the employees.  I promise not to push and shove the other shoppers.  I promise I’m not an evil person.  I’m just a mama on a budget trying to make her kid happy.

Anyone else feeling as guilty as I am?  Or are the rest of you sticking to your guns and boycotting shopping altogether on Thanksgiving?

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