Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Craft

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Craft

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Craft

We made gingerbread cookies the other day and they were so delicious, I hardly had the chance to take any pictures before they were gobbled up.  I was inspired to create a Christmas craft that would last a wee bit longer than our cookies did.  This one is fun for all ages!  I have to admit, I may have had more fun decorating my “cookies” than Jackson did.

What you’ll need:

Gingerbread Cookie Craft

  • cardboard box (I’m sure you’ll have plenty of these once your Cyber Monday purchases start coming in!)
  • scissors
  • gingerbread man cookie cutter
  • pencil
  • cookie sheet (optional, but makes it much more fun!)
  • crayons, markers, glue sticks, embellishments of your choice

Set up:

  • I first traced the cookie cutter on the cardboard and cut out our “cookies” (You may want to set up while the kiddos are napping or playing with something else.  My little guy was very intrigued by the scissors and wanted to help mama with this part.) Gingerbread Cookie Craft
  • Once I had enough cookies, I set up our little bakeshop.  I put the gingerbread men on a cookie sheet to create the feeling that we were actually decorating cookies.  It might be fun to incorporate aprons, spatulas, or other baking supplies to make this activity a little more realistic for the little ones.
  • I added a glue stick, pom poms, pre-cut ribbon, foam shapes, crayons, and stickers to the workspace.  Get creative with what craft supplies you have.
  • Per usual, I let Jackson exercise his creative freedom with this activity.  He was so proud when he was done!  I sat alongside him and decorated my own cookies as well.  When he was done, I added little faces to his gingerbread men.  Gingerbread Cookie Craft
  • The finished product is absolutely adorable (Jackson apparently thought they looked good enough to eat!).  You can add a ribbon to make them into ornaments, or a magnet.  I may string ours together to make a cute holiday garland to hang in Jack’s room!FullSizeRender-8.jpg


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