What Sells and What Doesn’t Sell on eBay in December

what sells and what doesn't on eBay in December

what sells and what doesn't on eBay in DecemberI’ve been selling things on eBay for a few years.  I might even call myself a professional eBayer considering eBay is my primary source of income, on a good month.  I sell everything from designer clothing I find in thrift shops – to shoes my toddler has outgrown (see my tips for selling kids’ clothes here).  However, every December I’m reminded that I shouldn’t rely on bringing a lot of money in around the holidays.  I always see a drop in sales this time of the year and really, when I think about it, the reasons why are pretty obvious:

  • Buyers are looking for brand new, tags attached, new in box items for gift giving.  If you have anything new lying around, then sell your little heart out!  If it’s used, you might want to wait until January.
  • Buyers are not shopping for themselves.  Think about it, are you looking for a gently used designer handbag for yourself right now?  I’m sure not!  Every extra dollar I have in December is spent on gifts for others.
  • Buyers are waiting until after the holidays when they’ll have gift cards and extra cash to shop for themselves.

Before you hold off completely from selling this month, here are a few tips of what DOES sell in December:

  • Sweaters!  Especially those with holiday or seasonal designs.  Nobody wants to pay full price for an ugly Christmas sweater that they’re only going to wear once.
  • Anything new!  If you’re out thrifting and see something new with tags or new in box that you don’t personally need yourself, don’t pass it up.  You can easily sell it and make at least double what you paid for it.  Awhile ago I found a new in package Melissa & Doug puzzle at Goodwill that was a little too old for my son.  I paid $4.99 for it and sold it for $12.99.
  • Kids’ winter gear!  Winter coats and snow boots are hot sellers in December. Buyers would rather save money on these necessities so they have more cash for gifts.  I recently sold my son’s winter coat for more than I paid for it new!  Remember that retailers start selling winter gear in the summer, so by the time there’s actually snow on the ground, a lot of them are sold out.  Buyers are desperate to find these items for their kids at this time of year.

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