Surviving Prenatal Appointments with a Toddler

Tips for surviving doctor's appointments with a toddler | prenatal appointments
Tips for surviving doctor's appointments with a toddler | prenatal appointments





I bring my son with me pretty much everywhere I go.  That includes
doctor’s appointments.  It can be hard to find a sitter during the day, sometimes it’s just easier to take him with me.  Let me be the first to tell you, it’s no picnic!  Especially since we started potty training, I always have that fear that he will need to use a public restroom (if you’re potty training, you know this fear!), or worse – what if he has an accident?!  That being said, we rarely go out for more than an hour at a time without reinforcements (hello, Grandma!).

Now that I’m pregnant, it seems those 4 week prenatal appointments creep up on me pretty quickly.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Didn’t I just see the doctor?  How have 4 weeks gone by so fast?  On top of having to get both Jackson and I fed, bathed, and dressed for the appointment, I had to pack my survival kit.  Call me crazy, but I’m one of those moms who likes to be prepared for just about any situation.  In addition to my bag that contains an emergency kit, pull-ups, wipes, boogie wipes, and an endless supply of snacks, I like to pack Jackson his own bag.  Here’s what Jackson’s bag contained for this appointment:

A book – This week’s obsession is Thomas’ Night Before ChristmasToys – Nothing that requires batteries!  No noise-making gadgets!  Nothing is worse than being that mom in the waiting room with the screaming kid with the musical toys.  We stuck to quiet trains and cars.

Snacks – Pouches, crackers, and a banana.  From my experience, most little ones have ever-changing picky palates.  They like bananas one day and hate them the next.  Always carry a variety of snacks, you won’t regret it.  I promise.

A Tablet – I’m not proud of this one.  We bring the iPad with us almost everywhere.  It’s usually used as a last resort, but when your kid is screaming while you’re undergoing an exam in the OBGYN’s office, you’ll pretty much do anything to keep them quiet.  I make sure to have at least one movie or app downloaded that doesn’t require an internet connection.  You never know when you’ll be somewhere without wi-fi.  No tablet?  Make sure your phone has a full charge and a few kid-friendly apps downloaded, just in case you find yourself in a desperate situation!

As you can see, things got pretty desperate for me pretty fast yesterday.  We can only read the same book so many times.

Surviving Doctors Appointments with a Toddler

A few additional tips:

  • When choosing a doctor, I like to make sure they’re in a kid-friendly office.  It’s not ideal to bring your kids to every appointment, but you never know when you’ll have to.  My OBGYN office is awesome.  They have a train table in the waiting room, are always accommodating to find me a bathroom that will fit a stroller, and they have suckers for the kids!  Surviving Doctors Appointments with a Toddler
  • Opt for the umbrella stroller.  So much easier than lugging a bulky stroller into tiny exam rooms.
  • Save the sitter for the big appointments.  Anytime I know I’ll be having an ultrasound or lab work done, I know it might be a little too much for Jackson.
  • Involve the kids in the appointment!  Jackson looks forward to listening to the baby’s heartbeat.  We build the anticipation by asking him “I wonder what your sister is going to say to you today?”.

Surviving Doctors Appointments with a Toddler

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