How to Make a Bow Bouquet

Bow Bouquet

How to make a bow bouquet | wedding rehearsal | bridesmaid duties

Over the summer, I taught myself how to make a bow bouquet when I was in my sister-in-law’s bridal party.  If you’ve never heard of a bow bouquet, you’re not
alone.  I remember being a bridesmaid for the first time about five years ago, I had to ask the other girls why we were saving all of the gift bows at my friend’s bridal shower.  Apparently, it’s tradition for the bridesmaids to save the shower bows and create a bouquet for the bride-to-be to carry during the wedding rehearsal.  I felt kind of silly for not knowing this.  However, I was never the girl who dreamed of the big wedding, especially because getting all these little details right stresses me out big time.  My husband and I got married at city hall and it was a stress-free day that I’ll never regret.  Now after being a bridesmaid three times over, I’m finally starting to understand all the little traditions involved in the big day (and is it just me or does it seem that there are constantly new ones being added to the list!?).

So back to the famous bow bouquet…  I’ve seen them generally made with a paper plate.  To me, no offense to anyone who’s made one this way, I think that’s kind of tacky.  When I volunteered to make my first bouquet, I wanted to class things up a bit – make a memento for the bride that she could keep forever.  Plus, if anyone appreciates a well-wrapped gift, it’s me!  And I’d hate to see all those pretty ribbons, that family and friends spent so much money on, get tossed in the trash.  My first bow bouquet turned out great!  When I was asked to make another, I decided to document exactly how I did it.  I would love to see a bouquet made from bows from other occasions as well.  How cute would it be as a keepsake for a mama-to-be with ribbons from her baby shower?  I hope this tutorial helps those of you who are as confused as I was when I first learned of the ol’ bow bouquet!

What You’ll Need:

Wedding Rehearsal Bow Bouquet

  • Styrofoam ball – Can be found in the floral section of any craft store.  For this bouquet I used a 5″ ball, go bigger or smaller depending on how many bows you have.
  • 6 wooden shish kebab skewers
  • Hot glue gun
  • PLENTY of glue sticks – I used about 10 for this one.  I suggest having a brand new package ready just in case.
  • Ribbons, other embellishments from bridal shower gifts


  1. Insert the wooden skewers in a central area of the ball.  Push them in as far as they will go without poking through to the other side.  This will be your stem/handle.Wedding Rehearsal Bow Bouquet
  2. Choose a ribbon that is durable, attractive, and you have a good amount of.  Begin gluing it to the top of the sticks and wrap it around creating a cone shape for the stem.  Use plenty of hot glue.  I like to add glue every time I go around the sticks.
  3. Organize the ribbons.  Make a pile of the prettiest ones that you want to be sure to use.  Make another pile of ones that are similar.  You’ll probably have an over-abundance of purple tulle, because that’s what’s included in Bed Bath and Beyond’s free gift wrap!  I like to use the tulle as fillers at the end.
  4. Begin gluing the ribbons, starting with the prettiest.  Create new bows out of the ribbons that have lost their shape.  Use tulle as fillers.  When done, you can add rosettes, crystals, or other embellishments to jazz up the bouquet.  For this one, I didn’t have any embellishments, so I made a big bow to add at the stem.  Voila!Wedding Rehearsal Bow Bouquet

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