5 Clothing Staples Every Mom Needs in her Wardrobe

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5 Non-Maternity Wardrobe Essentials for Before, During, and After Pregnancy

disclosureAs I’m nearing the finish line of my pregnancy, I’ve been doing a lot more laundry than usual.  Preparing clothes for the new baby? you may ask.  Nope.  It’s my own laundry I am continuously washing.  I keep re-wearing the same clothes over and over again as I find only a select few pieces to be both flattering and comfortable.  The surprising thing is, none of these items are “maternity.”  They’re the same items of clothing I gravitate towards when I’m at my thinnest, and probably what I’ll be most comfortable in post-baby as well.

I’ve compiled a list of my must-haves that every mama should have in her wardrobe for before, during, and after pregnancy.  These are a few of my favorites that are splurge-worthy due to their sheer versatility throughout the different stages of motherhood.  Invest in your wardrobe mama, you’re worth it!

Clothes for Moms

1. Athletic Leggings

If you’re one of those people who’s against the whole “leggings-as-pants” thing, you should probably stop reading now.  Just kidding.  But there’s a reason why I’m specifying athletic leggings.  Can we all make a pact to promise to stop buying cheap cotton leggings right now.  First off, they’re see-through, giving leggings their famous bad reputation.  Second, they pill, tear, and fade.  Not so attractive.  I wear athletic leggings all year long.  I wear them to the gym, to bed, and even paired with a sweater and ballet flats.  They’re both comfortable and flattering; pregnant or not.  Lululemon makes some of my favorites, but I’ve seen comparable brands for as little as $10 at T.J. Maxx.

Lululemon Skinny Groove Leggings Maternity Motherhood Clothing Staples

Lululemon, $98

2.  Converse Sneakers

My go-to shoe by far.  Something about slipping on a pair of Converse that makes me feel a little put together even on the craziest of days as a mom.  Maybe it’s because they’re a step up from my other go-to footwear: gym shoes.  Simple white Converse are a classic, and can easily tossed in the washer with some bleach when in need of a freshening up.  I also find that these are some of the only shoes that fit my feet even when I’m 9 months pregnant and swollen from head to toe.

White Converse Best Shoes for Pregnant Women and Moms

Converse, $55

3.  Tunic Sweater

Always flattering, always comfortable – every mama should have at least a couple of tunic sweaters in her wardrobe.  In fact, anything in a tunic silhouette will work.  I’ve found that Target has a great selection of tunic t-shirts that I’ve been wearing throughout my pregnancy as well.  The loose fit of a tunic accommodates that every-growing tummy during pregnancy, yet is tailored to show off your natural waist post-baby.  I don’t know what I’ll do if tunics ever go out of style; although I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.

Anthropologie Tunic Sweater Maternity Post-Baby Fashion

Anthropologie, $98

4.  Denim Jacket

Not much needs to be said to sell the power of a good denim jacket.  I have a maternity one that I’ve been wearing throughout my pregnancy, but I don’t necessarily believe you need a designated maternity jacket.  Just make sure to find one with enough stretch so that you’re comfortable while pregnant or running after kids.  You can always go a size up too, but not too big!  The idea behind a good denim jacket is to look pulled together and polished, not sloppy and frumpy!

Target Lee Denim Jacket Perfect for Moms

Target, $34.99

5.  Long Tank Top

Do not buy maternity tanks.  I repeat: DO NOT buy maternity tanks.  They are a complete waste of money, in my opinion.  Target sells great long, layering camis that will survive the various stages of motherhood.  I like that they have a lot of stretch and are long enough to cover my butt.  I wear these things all the time.  They make for the best sleep tanks during pregnancy too.

Best Maternity Tunic Tank Top Target Mossimo

Target, $12

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