Mermaid Nursery: Decorating a Tiny Room on a Tiny Budget

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Unique Baby Girl Nursery Theme


mermaid nursery

For many reasons, I’m happy I had a boy before a girl.  One of those reasons being that ithas forced me to get creative.  When deciding on a theme for our baby girl’s nursery, I used my son’s baby blue glider as my starting point for inspiration.  I’m sure if I were to have a girl first, that blue wouldn’t have been my first pick.  However, as big of a girly-girl that I am, I didn’t want our baby’s nursery to look like the inside of a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.  This is how I decided on a mermaid/under-the-sea theme.  We (I say we, but I mean my wonderful mom) painted the walls blue, and (it’s hard to tell by the pictures) the ceiling white glitter.  The ceilings in our tiny upstairs bedrooms are slanted, so they’re a focal point of the kids’ rooms.  Also not pictured is this tiny little chandelier that we bought to replace the existing light fixture.  It works perfect in the teeny tiny room and really brings out the glitter at night.

We re-used my son’s black crib to save money, although black wouldn’t be my first choice for a little girl’s room (the crib is still for sale here).  I thought the pink tulle bedskirt helped to make the crib a little more feminine.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Crib | Tulle Bedskirt

My oh-so-talented aunt made the quilt.  I couldn’t love it (or her) any more than I do!  And how cute is the mermaid tail “Y” on the back?  She made a similar quilt for my son and we used the personalized side to take monthly pictures when he was an infant.  Such an amazing keepsake.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Crib | Mermaid QuiltMermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Crib | Mermaid Quilt

I found this tiny wooden rocking chair at Goodwill for $3.  We painted it and added some glittery under-the-sea stencils.  Also, the glider had an ottoman.  But with a tiny room, you just can’t fit everything so some editing had to be done.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Glider | Rocking Chair

We found a lot of mermaid accessories on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Hobby Lobby Blue Mermaid

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Mermaid Pillow | Mermaid Afghan

I’m in love with the tiny little dresser that we found at Ikea.  It’s the perfect size for the changing pad that we already had and fits perfectly in the tiny room.  I also love the Pottery Barn hamper.  We have one in my son’s room too.  They are great for laundry, or as storage for stuffed animals.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Dresser and Hamper

My friend made this mermaid tail banner, which I just adore!  The mermaid crossing sign is from Hobby Lobby, and the little mermaid ornament is Betsey Johnson.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Window Banner Pennant

Built-ins are you friend in a tiny house!  Take advantage of them!  I bought these awesome storage bins on clearance at At Home and filled them with baby essentials: one for towels and wash cloths, one for blankets, and one for burp cloths.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Built-In Shelves | Organizing a Tiny Nursery

We recently updated all of the closet doors in our house with these quirky knobs from Hobby Lobby.  I love this one – it reminds me of an old fisherman’s compass.

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Hobby Lobby Door Knob

Our house was built in 1925, when the people didn’t have the wardrobes we have today, meaning our closets are TINY.  Being the first girl, this unborn child has quite the impressive wardrobe already so I had to really get creative when it came to finding places for all these clothes!  I organized socks, onesies, pants, and sleepers in the dresser.  In the closet, I hung all outfits.  Anything bigger than a 3-6 months, I have stored in tubs in our basement.  I love this cube organizer from Target. It’s great for shoes, hats, bows, and bibs.  I may just have to get one for my closet as well!

Mermaid Nursery | Tiny Room Tiny Budget | Organizing Baby's Clothes | Tiny Closet Organization

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