13 Signs You Might Be the Parent of a Toddler

13 Signs You Might be the Parent of a Toddler | Funny Mom

13 Signs You Might Be the Parent of a Toddler

I’d like to think that I lived a somewhat glamorous life before becoming a mama.  Having a toddler changes everything.  Not sure if your sweet little baby has reached the toddler stage yet?  This list might help you.Mom Quotes | Wine | #momproblems

You might have a toddler if…

  1. Not only do you cut the crust off of sandwiches, you own a cute little doodad that makes the bread look like Elmo.
  2. You haven’t peed or showered alone in 2 years.
  3. You’ve gotten used to sharing a queen size bed with two other people (and maybe a dog).
  4. Speaking of sharing your bed, waking up soaked in milk or urine doesn’t phase you in the slightest.
  5. You can recite every word of Frozen, including a killer Olaf impression.
  6. You’re a total hypocrite and have allowed your kid to do at least one thing you swore you wouldn’t before you became a parent; Including but not limited to: eating McDonald’s, owning an iPad, and eating snacks before paying for them in the grocery store.
  7. Your Netflix suggestions consist of Thomas the Tank Engine and The Gruffalo.
  8. You refer to yourself in the third person.  “Mommy does not like your behavior right now!”
  9. You get more excited about a new episode of Paw Patrol than your kids do.
  10. You find yourself telling other adults that you have to use the “potty.”  While using said potty, you wonder if it was weird to say that.
  11. Your Facebook photo is not of you, but of a cuter, tinier version of yourself.
  12. You pair Goldfish crackers with your favorite wine.
  13. Bedtime is THE WORST.  You used to look forward to the peace and quiet of bedtime before it became WrestleMania.  Every.  Single.  Night.

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