How to Take Professional iPhone Photos

Professional iPhone Photos

Tips for How to Take Professional iPhone Photos with No Experience DIY

I have a confession: I’ve never had professional photos taken of my babies.  However, I’m not sure many people know that.  Two questions I tend to get a lot are Who takes your pictures? and What kind of camera do you use?  The answer:  I do.  With my iPhone.  There are two reasons why I choose to take my kids’ photos myself, rather than hiring a professional.  The first, affordability.  Hiring a professional can be very expensive!  The second reason, I’m the mama, hence I’m better at making my babies smile than anyone else.  With a little patience and practice, you too can take high quality photos of your babies with your iPhone!

Read on for my favorite tips and tricks for creating the perfect photo…

How to Take professional iphone photos

SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!  My number one tip is to snap away.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment to snap your baby’s picture.  Without even looking at the screen, I usually click away, taking dozens of pictures, while playing with my baby.  I then go back later to delete the outtakes.  You’ll be surprised what good shots you’ll get when not trying too hard.

iPhone Baby's First Christmas Photo Idea Diy

THE PERFECT BACK DROP.  Have a selection of high quality blankets on hand.  Both of my kids have handmade quilts with their names on them that I use for their monthly baby photos.  I also love this satin rose blanket (similar) for baby girl photos.  For infants, two of my favorite tools to prop them up so they look more natural (and less like a fish out of water) are the Boppy Pillow and Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper.  Just lay your favorite blanket across them, and voila!  You have the perfect support for your little weeble wobble.

Baby Girl Picture with iPhone - Pink Tutu

NATURAL LIGHTING.  Try to avoid using the flash – it blinds your little one’s eyes and tends to give them unnatural coloring.  Whether you choose to take your photos outside or indoors next to a window, natural light is always best.

DIY Baby iPhone Photo

SIMPLE CLOTHING AND PROPS.  Choose clothing that doesn’t distract from your child’s natural beauty.  Props should be kept to a minimum.  For my son’s monthly photos, I used magnetic letters to spell out the month.  This time around, I’ve gotten lazy and use Sticky Bellies.  I feel both are simple and aren’t big distractions.

Monthly Baby Photo with iPhone

Monthly Baby Photo with iPhone


EDIT!  No, you don’t need a fancy app to edit your iPhone photos.  By simply cleaning up the edges and adjusting the color with the photo edit feature on your phone, you can achieve a professional looking finished product.


What are your favorite tips for perfect iPhone photos?  Share your photos in the comments!

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