The Vain Mama’s Guide to Looking Pulled Together After Baby

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guide to looking put together after baby


I have no problem openly admitting that I very much care about my appearance.  I alwayshave and probably always will.  This is especially true after having a baby.  I have never had more visitors in my home than I did after having my babies.  With all those visitors, I wanted to make sure that I looked pulled together (even if I felt far from it) at all times.  That being said, my days of primping for 2 hours have become a thing of the past.  These days, I’m lucky if I get a shower and 5 minutes of “free time” to put on some makeup.

Mom quote | #momproblems

Since becoming a mother in the last couple of years, I have developed a few tips to appear pulled together while caring for a newborn (and a rambunctious toddler).  I’m a strong believer that it’s important not to forget to take care of yourself as a mother.  Of course your precious little angels will always come first.  But if you do get a second, these tricks will help you feel (somewhat) like yourself again!

EDIT YOUR MAKEUP ROUTINE.  Really think about what’s important to you when it comes to makeup.  Is it concealing your under eye circles?  Is it a swipe of bronzer that makes you feel alive?  For me, it’s evening out my skin tone, filling in my brows, and applying a touch of mascara.  My go to foundation is Nars Sheer Glow.  For brows, I love Anastasia’s pencils.  And for mascara, I love the classic Maybelline Great Lash.  These three steps take me about 5 minutes and make me feel great!

New Mom Makeup Routine

BUTTON-DOWN SHIRTS.  I love a good button-down shirt.  They’re comfortable, great for nursing, and go with everything.  Thrown over a nursing bra or tank, button-downs are a must-have for breastfeeding mamas.  My go-to at the moment is a denim shirt that actually snaps in the front, making it hassle-free for nursing while allowing me to feel on-trend and put together.  I’ve been known to pair mine with yoga pants on occasion.

Forever 21 Snap Front Denim Shirt
Forever 21, $22.90

PATTERNS ARE YOUR FRIEND.  It’s no secret that babies are messy!  Clothing pieces with busy patterns are great at camouflaging your bundle of joy’s messes.  Gross?  Yes.  Let’s be honest though, chances are you won’t have time to change your pants if the baby spits up on them.  You’ll feel so much better if that mess is on a busy design rather than a solid color.  I wear a lot of bold patterned leggings for this reason.  I fully accept that this is a gross tip, but it’s oh-so useful!

Lululemon Striped Leggings
Lululemon, $98

HAIR ACCESSORIES.  With a new baby, it’s hard to find time to wash your hair, let alone style it.  I usually find myself with either a wet ponytail (or braid) or hair that hasn’t been washed in a couple of days.  My secret to making my hair look pulled together is hair accessories – my favorite being headbands.  A little embellished headband added to a simple ponytail is an effortless way for a new mama to pull off a chic and pulled together ‘do.

Deepa Gurnani Embellished Fabric Headband
Deepa Gurnani, $19.99
Capelli New York Embellished Headband
Capelli New York, $10


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