My Favorite Books for Toddler Boys

best books for toddler boys


No matter what technology brings, books will never go out of style.  There truly is no better gift to give a child than a book.  Even my wild and crazy toddler loves his books.  However, I’ve come to accept that we won’t always meet eye to eye when it comes to our favorite titles.  I’m a fan of the classics.  Shel Silverstein?  Yes please!  Jackson, on the other hand, would rather read about (errrr…look at pictures of) cranes and monster trucks.  Our differences aside, we always enjoy our time reading together and I’ve learned to love his books.

best books for toddler boys

Here are a few of our favorites:

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? – Okay, this book is adorable.  Any little boy (or girl for that matter) with a love for all things with wheels will appreciate this book.  As a mama, I find it endearing that all the big, bad trucks in the story have mommies and daddies that still tuck  them in at night.  Awwww!

A Treasury of Curious George – My little guy loves Curious George.  It probably has something to do with their shared affinity for mischief.  This is one classic we can always agree on.  The treasury contains 8 different stories about the adventures of everyone’s favorite trouble-making little monkey.

Goodnight Little Monster – We received this book as a gift before Jackson was born.  He had a monster-themed nursery, so we had monster EVERYTHING.  It wasn’t until recently that we’ve read this story (again and again and again) and fallen in love.  The little monster in the book reminds me of a grubby little boy getting ready for bed – brushing the bugs out of his teeth and all.  Adorable.

Chick and Pug – So I might be a little biased on this one considering we have a pet pug, but  this really is a sweet book.  I’d like to think it teaches that the hero isn’t always the big, strong guy and that sometimes the little guy can save the day, too.  I’m a sucker for a good life lesson (and an adorably fat pug).

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends – This is a cute story that goes through various scenarios of how dinosaurs would react to playing with human children.  Your little one will learn how to share and play nice with others in this sing-song-y book that I now have memorized word for word.  For your toddler, it has dinosaurs.  Boys love dinosaurs.  Enough said.

What are some of your favorite children’s books?

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  1. You might like my husbands book Cheer Up Bryan, about a monster … By Mark Wilkinson (on Amazon or book depository) its short and sweet good for young children 🙂

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