Getting Sew Crafty Nursing Necklace {Review}

Getting Sew Crafty Nursing/Teething Necklace

Teething necklaces are everywhere these days (I’ve even seen them at Sam’s Club, who knew!?).  I love the idea of jewelry for mamas that also benefits our babies.  But what about us mamas that are a bit more, how do I say this…fashion forward?  So many of the teething necklaces out there look the same and, although they are cute, they aren’t necessarily something I would wear if I didn’t have a baby.  That’s why I love Getting Sew Crafty.

Getting Sew Crafty Nursing/Teething Necklace

Getting Sew Crafty is an Etsy shop offering some of the most unique jewelry for trendy mamas.  Danielle, the owner and designer, does a great job creating nursing and teething jewelry that is both fashionable and safe for baby.  If you didn’t know what a teething necklace was, you would think her pieces were just extremely cute fashion jewelry.  I LOVE that!

My little Audrey isn’t quite at the teething stage yet, but we love our necklace for nursing.  It gives her something to hold onto (instead of my hair!) while I’m feeding her.  She also likes to play with it when I’m just holding her.  Think of it as a really pretty baby toy that you just happen to wear!

Getting Sew Crafty Nursing/Teething Necklace

Some of my favorite things about Getting Sew Crafty necklaces are:

  • they’re easy to clean
  • they’re adjustable
  • they’re available in so many different prints
  • they’re wearable as fashion jewelry, even when out without baby!

Check out Danielle’s shop and Instagram page.  What are you favorite pieces?  Here are a few necklaces on my wish list:

Getting Sew Crafty Nursing/Teething JewelryGetting Sew Crafty Nursing/Teething NecklaceGetting Sew Crafty Nursing/Teething NecklaceGetting Sew Crafty Nursing/Teething Necklace

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