Luxury Baby Items I Wish I Could Afford

Luxury Baby Items Wish List |

Luxury Baby Items Wish List |

I think that most new mothers have at least a few regrets about their baby purchases.  When registering for gear for your first baby, you really have no idea what you’re doing.  At least I didn’t.  No matter how many blogs and Amazon reviews you read, how many friends you talk to, and even if your own mama helps you register – you truly have no idea what will work with you
r lifestyle until after the baby arrives.

There are so many things that I wish I would have picked a more basic version of.  Take my swing for example – it’s super bulky, making it difficult to store.  And then there are the things I wish I would’ve splurged on.

If I could do it all over again, here are the (totally unnecessary) luxury baby items I would register for…( I would also need to invite Oprah to my shower if I wanted any chance of actually receiving this stuff!)

Doona Car Seat – $685

Sure, $685 is a steep price to pay for an infant car seat.  But did you see what this bad boy does?!  It has wheels that transform the car seat into a stroller in the matter of seconds.  Genius!  Now if only some of the budget brands would catch on to this technology.  Think of the space you’d save in your car!

Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad – $230

I moment I saw this changing pad on Shark Tank, I knew I had to have it.  But of course, there’s not much money in this mama’s budget for a changing pad with Wifi capabilities (but mama can dream, right?).  Not only does this high-tech gadget serve as an in-home baby scale, but it also tracks baby’s food intake and diaper changes.  What?!

Cashmere Baby Blanket – $149

Super soft?  Yes.  Beautiful?  Yes.  Practical?  Not so much.  It’s probably best to stay away from the words “Dry Clean Only” when it comes to a newborn.  But how gorgeous is this blanket?

Pram Stroller – $500

I’ve wanted a pram ever since I saw a picture of Kate Middleton walking with one (Fun fact: Jackson and Prince George have the same birthday!).  It’s essentially a bassinet on wheels and looks oh-so-comfy for a newborn – opposed to an uncomfortable car seat/stroller travel system.  This one, from Roan, converts into a forward-facing stroller for older babies and toddlers.

Little Helper Toddler Step Stool – $150

My toddler is constantly dragging the dining room chairs into the kitchen to stand on and “help” me cook.  Oh how I wish I had one of these fully-enclosed step stools; I just can’t fathom paying close to $200 for one though.

Doomoo Baby Bean Bag – $305

This thing is just the coolest.  It’s a comfy bean bag, that keeps baby in an upright position to prevent acid reflux.  Its soft, bean bag material also prevents flat head in young babies. My little one would love this – why, oh why is it $473?!?!

Are there any luxury items on your baby wish list?

8 thoughts on “Luxury Baby Items I Wish I Could Afford

  1. I’m with you on all of these! When I first registered for my son, I thought I knew what my son needed (I’m the oldest of 6 kids). I never registered for anything like this because I knew the budgets of the people going to my baby shower, but how I would LOVE to have these!
    Maybe I’ll splurge on one of them if baby #2 ever gets in the works.

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