Why I’m glad my son cried during Finding Nemo

why I'm glad my son cried during Finding Nemo

My son turns three this week.  I’ve been wanting to take him to the movies for quite some time now, and I thought that three may be the magic number.  And Finding Dory is now out in theaters.  I desperately want to see it and couldn’t think of a better date than my little man to accompany me.

So I decided to introduce Jackson to Finding Nemo.  He was going to fall in love with it.  I was sure of it.  I mean what kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t adore Nemo?

He did indeed love Nemo.  He may have loved him a little too much, though.  My toddler, who has the itsy bitsy attention span of the typical toddler boy, was engrossed within the first 5 minutes.  I was thrilled.  He was so into it – the suspenseful plot had reeled him right in.  Bowl of popcorn in hand, my little baby had become such a big boy watching a movie with his mama.

We had almost made it through the entire movie when Jackson started bawling.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that the kid had crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks and uncontrollable shakes.  He was so afraid that Nemo wasn’t going to find his dad.  My poor, poor boy.  Naturally, seeing my guy so upset brought tears to my eyes.

However, as my husband and I consoled our son, I couldn’t help but smirk.  I was delighted that my son was so sad.  And no, that doesn’t mean that I’m a horrible mother.  As a mother to a son, I feel one of my biggest jobs is to mold him into a man that will make a perfect husband and father one day (if that’s the path in life he chooses, of course).  Knowing that my toddler is capable of understanding and feeling such complex emotions proves to me that he is beginning his transformation from my sweet baby boy into a caring, sensitive man.  And if Jackson grows up with a sensitive side, then I’d say I did my job right.

Although I am happy that Jackson cried during Finding Nemo, I don’t believe we will be going to the movies anytime soon.  I can’t imagine that the other movie-goers would be as pleased with my son’s tears.  I also can’t imagine that there would be no tears.  Damn you, Disney movies.

Finding Dory will just have to wait until we can rent it from RedBox.

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14 thoughts on “Why I’m glad my son cried during Finding Nemo

  1. It is such a sweet and rewarding moment as a mama, to see our young kids exhibit empathy and affection. I introduced my boy to Milo and Otis at about a year and a half old. When they were about to go over the waterfall, he absolutely LOST it. Such sweet spirits in these little ones. Hope you and your hubby can have a great date night at home when Dory comes to Redbox 😉

  2. This exact same thing just happened to me with my Son and I also was proud beyond words that my boy showed that he had such a deep heart and felt empathy for the characters – really warmed my heart! So cute ❤︎

  3. That’s such a sweet story! My husband has always been more in touch with his emotions than other guys I dated, so I’m hopeful that our son will be too.

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