The Clean House: It’s All or Nothing

The Clean House: It's All or Nothing | Confessions of a mama

The Clean House: It's All or Nothing | Confessions of a mama

I have a problem.  I don’t know how to keep a clean house and be a mother.  I don’t know how to just “straighten up.”  Really, I don’t.

When I start cleaning, it’s all or nothing.  I can’t just wipe down the counters and put the The Clean House: It's All or Nothing | Mom Quotesdishes in the dishwasher.  I have to also polish the cupboards, scrub the baseboards, and completely re-organize the fridge.  It’s a disgusting habit, I’m aware.

Clearly, this style of cleaning doesn’t work with little ones in the house.  That’s why my house is always either a complete pigsty or magazine-ready.

I truly have no sense of balance.

Some days, I lose all control.  I go to sleep in last night’s unmade bed, with toys covering the floor, and wrinkled and unfolded clothes still in the dryer.

Other days, I feel like Martha Stewart.  I have everything cleaned and organized, candles lit, and fresh flowers in vases.

I’m starting to slowly accept the mama lifestyle.  I realize that it’s okay for my home to have evidence that children live here.  And I realize that, to the outside world, my house appears to be pretty darn clean.

But, as I’m sure many other stay-at-home mamas can relate, it’s hard when you are in the house all day.  You notice things that need to be done.  Fans that need dusting, curtains that need washing, closets that need organizing.  So, as a mother, you have two options: either spend endless hours cleaning it all or sit on the couch overwhelmed, staring at the mess.  I somehow need to figure out a happy medium of these two extremes.

Fellow mamas, any tips?  I could use all the help I can get!

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9 thoughts on “The Clean House: It’s All or Nothing

  1. I COMPLETELY relate!!! I can’t tell you how much time I waste being overwhelmed by the mess. It’s frustrating. My cousin told me that she literally sets a timer for ten minutes. Whatever cleaning she gets done in that time is what gets done. She just has learned to be okay with that. I might try that.

  2. Oh boy an I relate! With 3 all taking things out, making messes, leaving shoes and socks everywhere I’ve had to lower my standards but I still get overwhelmed. I try to accept what I can get done in a day and not let myself stress too much because it just doesn’t matter as much as kid time😀

  3. I am right there with you! I get overwhelmed when I can’t have it clean the way I want and then I just give up. Currently I am trying to purge as much as I can so that it’s easier to stay on top of.

  4. I work outside the home and struggle too. Some days are better than others. And then I spend hours cleaning, and the next day it’s a mess again. Pace yourself, pick a few major projects a day and spot clean so you don’t have to do as much at one too.

  5. Yes I can relate & I have just started to at least clean the kitchen every night & only do one load of laundry maybe two a day because otherwise they all get thrown back in the baskets and stay there lol. But i definitely need to start cleaning some base boards!

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