Creative Play with Toy Puppies

Pretend play with toys puppies | toddler imagination activity

I can’t take much credit for this activity – my three-year-old has quite the imagination and came up with it mostly on his own.  He just celebrated his third birthday last week, and added quite a few new toys to his already-impressive collection.  But, as anyone

with children can relate, he seems to have more fun playing with an empty box.  Go figure!

We had McDonald’s for lunch yesterday and he got, yet another, toy dog in his Happy Meal (Please do not judge my parenting based on the number of Happy Meal toys the kid has!).  He was adamant about finding a house for his new pet.  Nothing I suggested seemed good enough.  Tupperware bowl?  Nope.  Legos?  Nope.  Coffee mug?  Nope.

As a last resort, I looked though our recycling bin.  Maybe he’d go for the empty butter box?  Turns out that was the perfect size for the little puppy’s house.  Jackson found some Paw Patrol stickers to decorate the box (that in itself was a 15 minute activity!).

Then he told me that his puppy was hungry.  So, back to the recycling bin I went.  I found some bottle caps and filled one with water and put a couple Cheerios in the other.  Perfect food bowls!

Now, if it’s the perfect Pinterest-ready craft you’re looking for, this certainly isn’t it.  But if you’re looking for a good hour of free entertainment for your toddler that encourages imagination and creativity, then I highly recommend it!  I’m learning more and more that simple is best when it comes to toddlers.

What impromptu toys have you made your kids out of odds and ends around the house?

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