The ULTIMATE Super Hero Shopping Guide for Tots

18 gift ideas for your little super hero | The Ultimate Super Hero Shopping Guide for Tots

18 gift ideas for your little super hero | The Ultimate Super Hero Shopping Guide for Tots

It can be hard to find age-appropriate super hero gear for little guys (and girls!).  My son recently fell in LOVE with super heroes.  Hulk, Batman, and Spider-Man are just a few of his faves.  He’s only three, so I’m not quite sure where this obsession came from.  YouTube, perhaps?  Who knows.

I’ve found that a lot of the super hero toys are geared more towards older children, some even coming with weapons.  If you have a tot in your life that adores all things super heroes, here are a few gift ideas that are age-appropriate that they are sure to love (from a mama who admittedly knows nothing about super heroes).


Dress ’em Up

This Spider-Man costume is perfect for dress up or Halloween.

This 4-pack of capes and masks is great for playing dress-up at birthday parties or play-dates.Your little one might never change out of this Hulk costume.
Don’t forget the girls!  I LOVE this Spider-Girl costume!

Everyday Wear

I’m obsessed with these Avengers jammies.

And what little super hero wouldn’t want to wear a cape to bed?

Moms know how awesome Stride-Rite shoes are, but did you know they make Hulk shoes?  How cool are these?!

These muscular Captain America slippers look so comfy, I wish they came in my size.

I’m loving this New Era Superman hat.

Practical Gear

Every kid needs a backpack.  Why not make it a fun one, like this Spider-Man pack?

Make nap time fun with this cuddly Hulk pillow.

Keep their drinks cool with this Batman Thermos Cup.

Hulk toothbrush?  Doesn’t get much cooler than that!


My son ADORES his Hulk Smashdown Play-Doh!Lego Duplo makes awesome sets for little builders that love super heroes.

You can’t go wrong with coloring books – and this one comes with super cool masks!
Stickers.  Kids LOVE stickers.
I’m loving this super hero version of the classic Chutes and Ladders game.

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