Mama’s Cleaning Survival Guide


Life with kids can be really messy.  Some days I feel like I never stop cleaning.  With a toddler, an infant, and a dog, you can imagine how quickly my house can become a mess.

To save my sanity, time, and money, I have curated the perfect arsenal of products that keep my house looking clean.  Take a look at what’s in my cleaning kit.

8 Cleaning Supplies You Should Always Have | Mama's Cleaning Survival Guide | Cleaning Kit for Busy Moms

  1.  Clorox Wipes – What’s not to love about these guys?  For an easy, quick, disinfecting cleanup, they’re the perfect choice.  You don’t need spray or paper towel – just one wipe!  I usually buy the generic version as it’s a bit easier on the budget.
  2. Microfiber Cloths – Great for dusting or polishing furniture.  I also like to give one of these cloths to my toddler to “help” me clean up without the dangerous chemicals.
  3. Method All Purpose French Lavender Spray – This cleaner is non-toxic, works on all surfaces, and smells awesome.  I’m a big fan.
  4. Seventh Generation Free and Clear All Purpose Cleaner – I discovered this cleaning spray when my son was a baby and I was looking for a non-toxic product to clean his high chair and toys.  It’s also unscented for anyone with sensitivities to smells.
  5. Sprayway Aerosol Glass Cleaner – After trying just about everything, I found this to be the only glass cleaner that is truly streak-free.
  6. Multi-Pocket Tote Bag – I keep all my cleaning supplies in one of these bags, so I can easily tote my arsenal of supplies from room to room.  Make sure to lock up your handy cleaning kit in a childproof location!
  7. Magic Erasers – The name says it all – they truly are magic.  I use these sponges to remove crayon marks, scrub my bathtub, and even clean white tennis shoes.  In my experience, the generic versions work just as well.
  8. Vinegar – My favorite (and cheapest) cleaning supply!  This is truly my secret weapon when it comes to keeping my house clean.  Mixed with water, it makes the perfect granite and stainless steel cleaner.  It also does wonders when it comes to neutralizing the smell of urine (both kid and pet!).

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  1. Ver nice! Clorox wipes hold a special place in my heart as a mama haha.. I can’t seem to get on board with Vinager though, as a nurse I love it because its a great disinfectant and natural but that odor just gets me!

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