How I Plan to Raise Good People

Regardless of how you voted in this year’s historically polarized election, I think that we, as parents, share one common goal: to raise kids that grow up to be overall good people.  Now,  I don’t know about you, but for me that’s a lot of pressure.  How can I be responsible for shaping a person’s character?  A person who could potentially be a future leader of our country.  Sheesh!  Have you ever googled How to raise your child to be a good person?  I’m not proud of it, but I totally did this over the past week.  After skimming a couple of articles, I realized I was not going to find the magical answer to this question on Google.  Why?  Because, as parents, our definition of “good person” varies.

Instead of following a step-by-step guide, I decided to create my own to-do list.  A list of what’s important to me that I hope to teach my kids before they grow up… just a few things I want to instill in hopes of creating my idea of “good people.”

How I Plan on Raising Good People | Mama's To Do List

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12 thoughts on “How I Plan to Raise Good People

  1. I love – set an example for a relationship. The best teacher is example! I feel like I tell my son one thing, but if he sees me doing something else, it all unravels. Lead by example is an excellent lesson!

  2. Many of these are on my list too! I tell my kids everyday when I drop them off at school to be kind to everyone – even those who are not kind to them – because you never know what someone might be going through at school. Hurting people hurt people, and sometimes all they need is for someone to show them kindness. Such an important attribute. Good job, mama! You got this!

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