How I Organize My Tiny House on a Tiny Budget

Tiny House Organization | Organizing Ideas | Organizing on a Budget | Simple Living

Tiny House Organization | Organizing Ideas | Organizing on a Budget | Simple Living

You know those charming little bungalows you see on House Hunters and in magazines?  You know, the cozy little houses decorated with the charm and whimsy of a simple life?  Yeah, I live in one of those.  However, it lost it’s charm the day we moved in and brought all of our crap with us.  Built in the 1920s, our tiny house came with minimal storage (the tiny closets are big enough for about 5 outfits.  And let me tell you, this mama has a lot more than 5 outfits!).

The more time that goes by in our tiny house, the more creative we get when it comes to keeping things organized.  I’m constantly getting rid of stuff.  And to be honest, I don’t miss it.  When you live in a small house, you learn to develop a less is more style, and you get very creative when it comes to organizing what’s left.

Here are just a few ways I keep my tiny house organized on a tiny budget…


Kids’ Books

In my son’s room, there’s not a whole lot of room for his entire book collection.  So we spray painted these Ikea spice rack shelves to match his room and display his favorites of the moment right next to his bed.

Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Books

Stuffed Animals

It’s so hard to get rid of stuffed animals.  It seems like every one of them has a story and came from someone special.  I love this hammock we found on Amazon to display Jack’s ever-growing collection.  And for under $10?!  Can’t beat that.Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Stuffed Animals

Kids’ Accessories

At only a few months old, my daughter’s shoe collection is quite impressive.  I was so happy when we found this tiny cube shelf to put in her closet.  Right now, it’s the perfect size for her tiny baby shoes, bibs, hats, and bows.  As she grows, she can add jewelry, bags, and other accessories.  This would also work great as a storage solution for socks and underwear.Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Baby Clothes

Baby Toys

I have fabric boxes like this all over my house, serving different organizational purposes.  This one is perfect for small baby toys in my daughter’s nursery.  A general rule of thumb: if it doesn’t fit in the bin, you probably don’t need it.  There are only so many toys an infant needs.  Return or donate anything excess.  Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Baby Toys

Making the Most of Built-Ins

Part of the charm in an older home is the built-ins.  I’m lucky that both of my kids’ rooms have these adorable built-in shelves.  Instead of using them for books, I store more functional items in bins on them.  In the nursery, I have one for burp cloths, one for blankets, and one for towels.Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Baby Nursery | Built-InsIn Jackson’s room, we have bins for different toy vehicles.

Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Toys

Community Book Shelf

To save room and prevent fights, I have a bookshelf in the hallway between my kids’ rooms.  That way, they can share our book collection, and save the extra space in their rooms for personal items.Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Kids Books


One of the simplest, most useful fixes – we nailed baskets to the wall above our toilet.  We use one for our most-used toiletries and the other for spare toilet paper rolls.

Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Bathroom


Our basement may not be pretty, but it sure serves as an awesome place to store toys!  We have shelves filled with these boxes of different toys.  I simply print a label with a picture of each toy before adding it to the shelf.  This helps kids know where to put things when cleaning up.  It’s also great for boy moms, to have a picture for reference when you’re asked to build that complicated train set!Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Toys


You can read more about our super organized snack cabinet here.Organizing a Tiny House on a Tiny Budget | Kitchen Snacks

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28 thoughts on “How I Organize My Tiny House on a Tiny Budget

  1. These are great ideas! I totally need that stuffed animal storage, I swear they multiple like four times a day!! I have also always loved the Ikea Spice rack idea. 🙂

  2. I love baskets for organizing! They are pretty much everywhere in my house, I also use them to sort laundry and since they are smaller, I have smaller loads to wash and fold!! 😀

  3. Great organizing ideas! I use the Ikea spice racks in my girls reading corner and I love them. I love your snack baskets and need to go something like that in my pantry for my girls.

  4. I LOVEEEEEE the built in décor!! Audrey and Merms – doesn’t get much better than that! Our house is small too and I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to organized it 🙂

  5. I love posts like these. Your organization ideas are very cute. We have a very tiny kitchen from the 1940’s and I have used the small amount of wall space available to add shelves (similar to your spice racks in the bedroom and bathroom). When you have a small house, sometimes going vertical provides many more options for storage.

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