Motherhood: When the Control Freak Loses Control

Motherhood: When the Control Freak Loses Control | Honest Mom

Motherhood: When the Control Freak Loses Control | Honest Mom

I’ve always been a control freak.  And once upon a time, I had complete control of my life.  I bought what I wanted.  I napped when I wanted.  I ate what I wanted.  And most importantly, my house was clean.  Why?  Because that’s what I wanted.

That was before I became a mother.

Now, some days, I feel like I have lost all control.  Scheduled naps?  Ha!  I’m lucky if I get to sleep in past 7am.  And someone please remind me, what exactly is a nap again?  Pre-motherhood, grocery shopping was almost as much fun as shoe shopping.  The store was full of my favorite foods and I bought whatever I wanted.  Now, I can’t tell you the last time I bought a snack at the store solely for myself.  Heck, I couldn’t even tell you what my favorite foods are anymore.  Now my diet consists of more chicken nuggets and goldfish crackers than I’d like to admit.  Oh, and the clean house…  Don’t even get me started on the clean house.  I’ve lost all control.

So what happens when the control freak loses all control?  I’ve learned that the best thing I can do is let go of some of my control freak tendencies.  Be realistic.  As a mother, I will never have all of the laundry under control.  I’ll also probably never be able to master perfect sleep schedules for myself and my kids.  My diet will probably consist of my kids’ favorite foods until they get a little older.  I may not have control over these things, and although it can be overwhelming at times, it’s not the end of the world

I have to remind myself… There are some things I still have control over.

I can control what I teach my children.  In additional to the ABCs and 123s, I can teach them kindness and compassion.  I can control whether our not our family sits down to eat dinner together every night, even if it’s to eat chicken tenders.  I can also control how much love fills our home.  And, that’s pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

10 thoughts on “Motherhood: When the Control Freak Loses Control

  1. That’s so true!! I get a little nutty sometimes trying to control it all, but you’re so right I would much rather control the feeling of love my kids receive than the laundry. Thanks for this reminder today.

  2. I am such a control freak! I have to learn to take a step back sometimes and realize things aren’t as big of a deal as I am making them. Ha!

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