A Note to Our Elf on the Shelf

A Thank-You Note to Our Elf on the Shelf | Dear Elfie


Dear Elfie,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are a godsend.  You make my life as a mama so much easier (for the month of December, at least).  I know our time with you is short, and that makes me sad.  Why can’t you hang out with us all year long, dear Elfie?!

You see, my kid, he’s not always nice.  Most of the year, he’s downright naughty.  But you!  You remind him to be to be nice!  And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Just when he starts to act up, I remind my son that you are watching.  You are watching and taking notes for your boss at the North Pole.  And while you’re traveling each night to report to him, I’m so glad I have your cell number.  You know, just incase I need to text you and update you on my son’s behavior.

And it’s not just my son who benefits from your presence.  You help me too, my sweet little elf!  You help me be a better mom.  Although I have to admit, you do annoy me at times.  I’m not always in the mood to find a new and exciting adventure for you every night.  But, the creativity you force upon me adds a bit of magic to our home.  And for that, my entire family thanks you.

We all could use a little extra magic in our lives.  It’s easy to become a stressed-out, monster of a parent during the holiday season, but your magic is just what the doctor ordered.  You and a glass of wine, of course.

Thanks again, Elfie!



Do you have your own Elf on the Shelf?  Do you love him as much as I do?

11 thoughts on “A Note to Our Elf on the Shelf

  1. My kiddo was so mean today and I nearly caved and bought an elf. But instead I’m taking notes for next year so that my elf game will be on point.

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