Costco Meal Planning Guide {Free Printables}

Costco Meal Planning | {FREE PRINTABLES} | Dinner + Meal Planning

Costco Meal Planning | {FREE PRINTABLES} | Dinner + Meal Planning

*This post is NOT sponsored by Costco.  However, if you’re with Costco, I’d love to chat. 😉

How do you prevent the inevitable “I’m hungry” after a big trip to Costco?  I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone grocery shopping only to have my son (and sometimes my husband) say that there’s nothing to eat, the very next day.  That’s what inpired this idea of stocking the house with food from a warehouse store (we recently switched from Sam’s Club to Costco, and I’m a BIG fan!).

Here’s how I plan to feed my family for the month with just ONE shopping trip.  Of course there will be small trips here and there for milk, fresh produce, and other basics.  But no big weekly shopping should be necessary.

First, I shopped.  I went into Costco without a list.  Crazy, I know.  Especially for a planner like me.  I usually shop alone, with my carefully calculated list in hand.  This time I thought it would be better if I brought my son with me, so he could pick out his own food.  As we shopped, I made sure we were buying a good selection of snacks, breakfast foods, lunch items, entrees, and side dishes.  I find that it’s easier to shop on the spot at a store like Costco.  I tend to buy whatever samples they have to offer that day and don’t want to add those to the cart ON TOP of what I was planning to buy.  I also stocked up on basics I knew we needed such as rice and butter.  Yes, the final checkout total burned a bit.  But when I think about the fact that we will not have to shop for at least a month, it totally makes it worth it.

When I got home, I got out a piece of scrap paper and wrote down all of my Costco goodies as I put them away.  I then added additional food we already had in the cupboards, fridge, and freezer.  If you’re anything like me, your freezer is a goldmine full of food.  I’m always freezing meat and forgetting about it.  Frozen ground turkey?  Hello Taco Tuesday!

Then, I printed my meal planning printables (see end of this post).  One for monthly dinners, one for breakfast, one for snacks, and one for lunch options.  While looking at my list, I planned out dinner for the month.  It’s okay to repeat!  And don’t forget to account for leftovers.  See my list of meal suggestions below.  Make sure to add every snack option, so you (and anyone watching your kids) can quickly list off everything available when your little ones are hungry.

I posted my completed lists to the side of our fridge.  I think it will be super helpful for everyone to know what’s in the house at all times.  It’s also a great way to prevent wasting any of that bulk food.

*I kept the weekends open to order pizza, go out to eat, etc.  But thankfully if we do decide to stay in, we have more than enough food in the freezer. 😉

Costco Meal Planning | Planning meals after shopping in bulk | FREE PRINTABLESCostco Meal Planning | Planning meals after shopping in bulk | FREE PRINTABLES

A few Costco dinner ideas:

  • Frozen stir-fry vegetables, rice, and spring rolls (makes about 4 meals!)
  • Turkey tacos (The Costco-sized pack of tortillas can be stored in the fridge and used again to make quesadillas, or to make wraps for lunches)
  • Rotisserie chicken, mac+cheese, and a vegetable (use the leftover chicken to make chicken quesadillas the next night)
  • Crispy chicken wraps made with popcorn chicken (save the extra chicken for easy kid-friendly lunches)

Print your {FREE} meal planners here:

Dinner Planning Printable

Snack Planning Printable

Breakfast Planning Printable

Lunch Planning Printable

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  1. We are big Costco fans! If only our freezer was bigger we’d probably do most of our shopping there. Theyve really upped their organic foods options (love).

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