Let them be Crafty

Let the be crafty


I’ve always loved arts and crafts.  Drawing, creating, cooking, baking, building, making.  That’s always been me: the crafty girl.  Growing up, my mom was always nagging me about my messy room.  And I must admit, my childhood bedroom, cluttered with cut-up magazines, glitter, and sharpies would be a nightmare for any mother.  Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for always losing your scissors!  I promise I’ll make it up to you one day! 😉 

Let them be Crafty
Troll haircuts were a big hit…and a big mess!

Now that I’m a mom, I’ve channelled my craftiness in different ways.  Themed breakfasts, at-home photo shoots, and all the paper plate crafts you can think of.  I’m a Pinterest mom, for sure.

I am proud to say that my three-year-old seems to be following in my footsteps.  And I couldn’t be prouder.  Although, at times, it makes me cringe when he dumps out an entire container of foam shapes, or touches my walls with his sticky gluey fingers.  I can’t help but smile when my oh-so-boy toddler sits down to concentrate on creating the perfect masterpiece.  It’s crazy to me how he can be wrestling with the dog one minute, and then quietly color the next.

Let them be Crafty
As irritating as it can be to see your kids make a big mess, I say let them be crafty.    To see the wheels turning in the head of a child creating is truly a beautiful thing.  And the self-confidence that they exude when handing you their finished product is beyond amazing.  So let them be crafty.  The pros far outweigh the messy cons.  The mess can be cleaned up later.  That’s what vacuums and magic erasers were made for, anyways.

9 thoughts on “Let them be Crafty

  1. You bet. This weekend at my daughter’s 4th bday party, the girls wanted to play with playdoh. You should have heard all of the adults in unison say “NOOOO.” Me? I said “Sure, ladies! It’s easy to clean up. ” Even the 2 year old little man got in on the fun. Why spoil a good time worrying about the mess it will cause?

  2. I agree with you! Letting them be creative is so good for their confidence. I love seeing what they make with their little hands. I tend to put down a lot of newspaper when I know they want to pull out the arts and crafts, that way I won’t stress out, or urge them to hurry up so I can clean. Thanks for sharing.

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