My Baby is a Leech… And I Secretly Love It

My Baby's a Leech... and I Secretly Love It

I write this as my baby lays next to me… screaming.  She’s one of those babies.  You know the type – the clingy ones, who don’t want anything to do with anyone but their mothers.  I’m currently trying the whole “cry it out” thing, in attempt to train her to sleep by herself.  I don’t know who this is harder for – me or her.  You see, my baby is a leech.  And I secretly love it.

It hit me one day, when my sister said “I wish someone loved me that much,” after observing my daughter’s admiration for me.  It’s just what I needed to hear when I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the baby who, simply put, won’t let me put her down.  My daughter loves me.  She loves me so much.  My cuddles comfort her more than anything else.  If there ever was a time that I was searching for my purpose in life, I think I’ve found it.  Thanks to this little peanut.  I can’t complain, because I don’t know how long this phase will last.  From what I hear, one day she will become a teenager and she will probably hate me.  I sure hope this isn’t the case, but it definitely makes me want to hold onto these sweet moments a little longer.

My Baby is a Leech
All is good, as long as she’s on mommy’s hip!

At times, it feels as if I have a parasite attached to my hip.  I can’t eat, sleep, shower, shop, or even go to the bathroom by myself.  But guess what?  I wouldn’t trade my little leech baby for anything in the world.

And in the time it took me to write this, my sweet baby girl has fallen asleep.  By herself.  It’s a bittersweet moment for me.  Part of me is jumping for joy at the thought of sleeping in my own bed tonight.  But there’s another part of me that is sad.  My baby is growing up.  She won’t be my leech forever.  But I can fall asleep tonight knowing that she will probably need me in a few hours.  And I confess, I’m looking forward to that 2am wakeup call.

Swim class cuddles
Cuddles after swim class

My Baby's a Leech... and I Secretly Love It

14 thoughts on “My Baby is a Leech… And I Secretly Love It

  1. Wow you are an amazing mama. I love my babies, love them to pieces! But I cannot handle it if I have to carry them around all day! I admire you for being able to do that! I love it when I get big hugs and when they cuddle and all those things, but after a while I need to have a little space so I can do something.

  2. I can totally understand! My daughter is the exact same way. Sometimes, I try to promote independence in her but other times, I know that this is just a season and one day, I’ll miss the way she lays on me.

  3. What a great perspective! If it’s any consolation, my needy baby has turned into a four-year-old who is my best little buddy. He still wants to be with me and play with me constantly. I’m trying to teach him to entertain himself sometimes, but I love that he wants me to be a part of his life so much. I’m sure it won’t always be this way, but your article is a good reminder to cherish him more. Thanks!

    1. We all (myself included) could use this reminder every once in awhile. I also have a preschooler, who follows me around like a little puppy dog. I admit, I’d like some personal space at time, but I know I’ll miss these moments before I know it!

      Thanks for reading, Megan! xo

  4. My daughter was the same and I really didn’t mind until she got to about 18 months and still wouldn’t let anyone else do anything for her, even her dad. My son is much more flexible, and that was a relief.

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