How to Take Your Own Christmas Photos

I love taking pictures of my kids!  Only thing is, I don’t have a professional camera.  You would never know that all I use is my iPhone to capture our most cherished memories.

{Read more about how I take photos with my iPhone here.}

A few weeks ago I took these adorable photos of my little ones for Christmas, and I must say, I’m pretty impressed with how cute they turned out!



How to Take Your own Christmas Photos with your iPhone:

  1. iPhone – That’s really all you need.  I recently upgraded to the 7 Plus and I’m in love with the camera.  It has a portrait setting that’s perfect for taking focussed photos of little faces.
  2. Google Photos – The best thing ever invented.  I don’t know how it took me so long to find out about it, but I’m glad I did!  You can store an unlimited amount of pictures to your Google account, and then access them from any device.  I love the free editing option.  I edited my black and white photos with the “Eiffel” filter.  Perfection without the fancy editing software!
  3. Just Keep Clicking! – My secret to getting the best pictures of my kids!  I don’t just snap one photo, I click about 25 times, then go back later and delete the outtakes.  I almost always end up with a keeper by sticking to this strategy.
  4. Natural Setting – Instead of taking the time to set up a cheesy backdrop, use your own home.  Throw a blanket under the tree, or on the couch.  Your kids will be much more comfortable in their natural habitat and you’ll get their best smiles.  Trust me.
  5.  The {Not Too} Perfect Outfit – This one’s tricky.  You want to dress your kids in coordinating outfits, without them looking too fussy or matchy-matchy.  Once again, comfortability is key to getting those smiles.  My kids hate shoes, so I let them be barefoot in our pictures.  Not only were they more comfortable, but I’ll look back at these photos and remember their little toesies forever.  And that’s priceless. <3

5 Tips for Taking Your Own Family Christmas Photos | DIY iPhone Photography

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5 thoughts on “How to Take Your Own Christmas Photos

  1. Great tips! I do a lot of the same thing with my DSLR. Like I take 100-200 photos at a time (since I just go click, click, click) and I’m usually lucky if 1/2 turn out ok. 🙂

  2. Haha! YESSS! I do all the above – I feel like I’m snapping 1374 times of the same pose but you just never know which one will turn out best 🙂

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