The Perfect Mom Wardrobe: The Only 20 Pieces You Need

The perfect mom wardrobe

The Only 20 Pieces You Need to Create the Perfect Mom Wardrobe

Motherhood – aka a period in life where you tend to put yourself last.  Let’s make a pact to change that during the new year, the first step is updating your wardrobe.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to feel good about what you’re wearing – you just need the perfect mix+match pieces.  As you go through this list of the 20 key wardrobe pieces, you may notice a theme: simplicity, versatility, and comfortability.  You’ll also notice a lot of neutrals.  There’s a method to my madness.  As a mother, keeping things easy and fuss-free is the best way to avoid stressing the small stuff.  We already have never-ending lists of things to worry about, our wardrobes shouldn’t be on that list.


Perfect Mom Wardrobe | Denim Shirt

Dress it up, or dress it down.  A denim shirt is one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces.  I love this one from H&M ($24.99).

The Perfect Mom Wardrobe | Dark Skinny Jeans

Every mom needs a pair of good fitting skinny jeans.  After years of searching for the perfect designer jeans, I’ve found the Mossimo brand from Target ($27.99) to be the best fitting.  Go figure!

The perfect mom wardrobe | black ankle pants

You might not get the most everyday use out of these, but trust me, you’ll be glad they’re in your closet.  The ankle cut is modern and flattering for when you need to wear something a little more formal than jeans. (Express, $69.90)

The Perfect Mom Wardrobe | Black Cotton Dress

Dress it up with heels or boots, or dress it down with leggings and converse – you’ll get so much use out a simple cotton dress.  I have them in sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve so I’m covered for all the seasons.  (Alternative, $54.99)

The Perfect Mom Wardrobe | Converse

They’re both comfortable and stylish – there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have a pair of Converse ($49.95) in your wardrobe!

The Perfect Mom Wardrobe | Striped tee

Striped tees are forgiving, and they hide stains (something you don’t worry about until you have kids!).  You should have one (or ten) of these in your closet.  I love this boatneck version from Gap ($24.95).

the perfect mom wardrobe | peasant blouse

Peasant blouses are amazing, and thankfully they don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.  They flatter every body type.  If you don’t have a peasant blouse in your wardrobe already, go out and buy yourself one.  You can thank me later. (Nordstrom, $69)

the perfect mom wardrobe | jean jacket

Wear it for work, play, or anything in-between.  Jean jackets are a MUST.  I’m loving this classic version from LL Bean ($69).

The Perfect Mom Wardrobe | Black Flats

Are you sensing a theme yet?  Simplicity is the key to the perfect mom wardrobe!  Nothing says simple like a pair of classic black flats.  I LOVE my Lucky Brand flats.  They are sooooo comfy ($59).

the perfect mom wardrobe | black leggings

If you don’t consider leggings to be a proper pair of pants, you should probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.  I thought I loved leggings before, but motherhood has only made that love grow stronger!  Matty M makes my absolute favorites, sometimes you can even find them at Costco! ($29.99)

The perfect mom wardrobe | rain boots

When you’re a mom, you’re not just following a trend when you slip on your rain boots.  You and I both know, you’re going to get down and dirty wearing those things!  I wear my Hunter boots to the park with the kids, and even in the snow (with some cozy boot socks!)($165).

the perfect mom wardrobe | white tee

I realize that motherhood and white don’t always mix.  That’s why these inexpensive t-shirts from Target are my favorite – you can afford to replace them every season! (Target, $9)

the perfect mom wardrobe | black boots

I love the simple, practical heel on these BCBGeneration boots.  Because mom needs something to wear on date night, right? ($158.95)

the perfect mom wardrobe | gray zip-up hoodie

As a mom, you probably have these in every color.  But, for me, gray is crucial.  Black shows lint and white can look dirty, gray is just right.  (Nike, $55)

The perfect mom wardrobe | blanket scarf

Functionality at its best, blanket scarves are the perfect accessories for moms.  Let me count the ways you can use one of these miracle workers: scarf, shawl, nursing cover, blanket for your chilly child, camouflage for whatever you (or your kid) ate for lunch that is now spread across your shirt  (Merona, $19.99).

The perfect mom wardrobe | duster cardigan

I live in these things.  Duster cardigans are the perfect layering piece for moms on the go.  Sometimes I even throw one of these on over my PJs, as a makeshift robe.  I’m loving this striped version from Maison Jules ($49.50).

Button-Down Tunic | The Perfect Mom Wardrobe

I love that how versatile a button-down tunic is.  Paired with skinny jeans and flats, you have the perfect outfit for school drop-off or running errands.  Or wear it with your black ankle pants and you’re ready for work! (Calvin Klein, $69.50)

teething necklace | the perfect mom wardrobe

Moms of little ones, I can’t be the only one who has limited her jewelry wearing since having kids.  They seem to want to pull, grab, and eat anything that I put on.  Even if your kid is done with the teething stage, I think these necklaces are an adorably safe way to accessorize as a mama (Buy Buy Baby, $24.99).

Oversized sweater | The perfect mom wardrobe

Oh, how I adore my oversized sweaters and leggings!  This is by far my go-to look in this stage of life (H&M, $34.99).

the perfect mom wardrobe | big

I suggest that every mom has her own large tote bag.  A bag that it just for her, that she can use for everything – hence the name, the “everything” bag.  Use this bag for work, overnight trips, the pool, the gym, or even a diaper bag.  I love this simple black tote from Barneys New York ($129).

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  1. I love this! I’m not a fancy person, but still want to look nice and this post seems to nail it! (I kind of look like a mess since becoming a mom…need to stop that!)

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