Baby Swim Class: Our Favorite 30 Minutes of the Week

Baby Swim Class | Goldfish Swim School

Baby Swim Class | Goldfish Swim School


Our entire family looks forward to Tuesday nights.  After dinner every Tuesday, we pack up our swimsuits, towels, and goggles and head to swim class at Goldfish Swim School.  As a mama, I’m thrilled that my babies are learning the basics of swimming and water safety at such young ages.  But in all honesty, my favorite part of the experience is getting to bond with Audrey.

Each week, my husband and I take turns attending Audrey’s parent-participated infant swim class.  And as uncomfortable as it is to put on a swimsuit in the middle of winter (especially after eating all those Christmas cookies!), I look forward to my turn every other week.  Even after months of nursing, playing with, and cuddling my sweet baby, nothing compares to how close I feel to her in the pool.  There’s just something about the bonding experience that occurs in the water that is unlike anything else.

With Audrey being my second child, I treasure our 30 minutes of one-on-one time.  It’s something I feel she was was robbed of, with me having my kids so close in age.  And for the one time all week, I don’t feel guilty for spending more time with one of children.  Jackson’s preschool aged class runs at the same time as Audrey’s infant class!  Seriously, when you have multiple children, it is SO HARD to find activities to enroll them in that take place at the same time and at the same place.  What a relief!

Stay tuned for more about our adventures at Goldfish.  Just look at my little fishy… I’m one proud mama!

Baby Swim Class | Goldfish Swim School

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