What the Jack?! #2

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Welcome to the second edition of What the Jack?!  Jackson wasn’t any less hilarious this week.  I think the most amazing thing about his little one liners is, that just months ago Jackson was struggling with a speech delay.  You sure wouldn’t know that now!

Jack had me cracking up this week…

…when I was tempted to have him psychologically evaluated…

#whatthejack | Toddler Quotes | Kids say the darndest things

…when apparently I needed to take a shower…


…when he was having second thoughts about his baby sister, after she knocked down his block tower…


…when he had the perfect answer when I asked why he wasn’t sleeping in his bed…


…when he had ill feelings toward our house, after he ran into a wall…

#whatthejack | Toddler Quotes | Kids say the darndest things

…and when my preschooler gave me a college-sized Starbucks order.


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13 thoughts on “What the Jack?! #2

  1. OMG! Kids are SO funny! My 4yo said last night “Hey! If I get big kid, I will make machine! Like, a robot? that speak! He says ‘Ari Davis – got to sleep!’ ” 😛 😛 I died!

  2. I think my favorite is the “Clean you creepy self”. Isn’t it great seeing how much he is talking. I have to remind myself daily when Annabelle won’t stop talking, that this is what we wanted. 🙂

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