Our Weekly Plan: Baby and Toddler Activities

This week, I picked up a book at the library called Games to Play with Toddlers by Jackie Silberg.  I am always looking for new baby and toddler activities that I can play with both of my kids.  With a 10-month-old and 3-year-old and it can be difficult to come up with games that are age appropriate for both of them.  I thought that I’d give this book a shot, at the very least I figured it would inspire me to come up with my own ideas.  The suggested age range for the book’s activities is 12-36 months.


Why I Plan Our Activities

I’ve learned from experience that our days are much more successful when they are planned out and somewhat-structured.  Our plans can be as simple as going to library one day and a play date another, with a couple of crafts thrown in here and there.  It’s the days, when there’s nothing on the itinerary, that we are easily sucked into all-day Netflix marathons.  I’m not a fan of those days.

My Plan for this Week

I picked a handful of activities from the book for us to try this week.  Here’s how I plan on adapting them to work for both my baby and my toddler…

{MONDAY : Color Games}

I’ll get out a collection of toy cars in different colors, along with sheets of construction paper in the same colors.  I’ll have my toddler show the baby how to match the colors and “park” each car on its coordinating piece of paper.  

{TUESDAY : Teddy Bear Train}

We will connect three shoe boxes together using duct tape, to create a “train.”  I’ll then attach a rope to the front of the train.  Jackson and Audrey can fill the boxes with their favorite stuffed animals.  Jackson can show Audrey how to pull the rope to take the animals for a ride.

{WEDNESDAY : Shoes for Fun}

For this game, I’ll have Jackson gather a pair of shoes for each member of our family.  We’ll line them up in front of Audrey and ask her to bring us a particular pair of shoes, i.e. “Please bring me daddy’s shoes.”  This will be a great opportunity for Jackson to improve on his speech and help me teach his baby sister at the same time.

{THURSDAY : Color Walk}

For this one, I’ll give Jackson a basket and ask him to choose a color.  We’ll then go from room to room around the house gathering objects that are his chosen color to put in the basket.  For each item, I will have Jackson tell Audrey what it is and reiterate the color.  This is another game that will help Jackson develop his vocabulary, while teaching Audrey her colors as well.
{FRIDAY : Washing Fun}

I’m going to feel very brave after doing this one with two kids.  We’ll get out some shallow containers filled with water and a small squirt of baby soap.  I’ll give each of them their own container, a washcloth, and different items for them to wash, i.e. plastic spoons, measuring cups, and toy dishes.  When they’re done washing, they can dry the dishes with a hand towel.  I’ve actually played this one in the past with Jackson, using this toy sink.  It’s always a hit, I just have to prepare myself for everyone to be soaked after. 

Follow along with us on Instagram as we play these games and more throughout the week.  Stay tuned for next week’s activity plan!



Baby and Toddler Activities that your kids can play together

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