What’s in Our Bag: 10 Swim Class Essentials

What's in our bag? 10 Swim Class Essentials | Goldfish Swim School

When we started our lessons at Goldfish Swim School, I was totally clueless about what to bring with us.  A swimsuit and towel were no brainers.  But what else?  After 4 months of swim lessons, I think I finally have packing the swim bag down to a science.

 Here’s what you can find in our swim bag…

1.  Cloth Swim Diaper – These are awesome, economical, and good for the environment.  I will never use those expensive disposable swim diapers again.  If your kid is not 100% potty trained, I highly recommend an iPlay swim diaper.  One reusable diaper costs about the same as a pack of disposable ones.  Goldfish sells these on-site, but you can also find them on Amazon.


2.  Goggles – At our swim school, they have goggles you can borrow.  However, I found it useful to get my little swimmer his own pair.  In the beginning, he was deathly afraid of going under and getting water in his eyes.  Since getting his own pair of goggles, we practice at home – using bath time as the perfect opportunity to get acclimated with going under water.


3.  Hooded Towel – Of course, a regular old beach towel will work.  However, if you want your life at swim school to be easy peasy, a hooded towel will save you a ton of time.  A hooded towel keeps your little fish warm and toasty during the transfer time between between the pool and dressing room.


4.  Snacks – I don’t know about you, but my kids are HUNGRY after swimming.  To avoid the inevitable fast food drive-thru after class, I always make sure to have a snack in our swim bag.


5.  Rash guard for boys – Rash guards are pretty self-explanatory: they guard rashes.  Simply put, a rash guard will make your little guy more comfortable in the pool.


6.  One piece for girls – For the same reason you need the boys’ rash guard, you want your daughter to be comfortable.  No need for a cutesie bikini for swim class.


7.  Waterproof bag – Okay, I admit that I forget this one a lot of the time.  But you really will thank yourself if you bring an empty waterproof bag with you to carry your wet laundry in.  Goldfish has dryers for swimsuits, but you can’t always be guaranteed that one will be vacant.


8.  Hat -In colder months, you’ll want to bring a hat to cover your little one’s wet ears and head after swim class.


9.  Change of clothes + Underwear – I hate to state the obvious, but I’ve totally forgotten these essentials before.  Also, if you’re participating in a baby class, don’t forgot your own change of clothes.  If your class, like ours, is at night, bring some jammies and hope the kiddos fall asleep on the car ride home. πŸ˜‰


10.  A Bribe – I’m not condoning bribing your kids to behave… However, it never hurt to keep a sucker in your bag.  Just sayin’. 


What's in our bag? 10 Swim Class Essentials | Goldfish Swim School


24 thoughts on “What’s in Our Bag: 10 Swim Class Essentials

  1. Yes- All of these! This year we’re thinking of adding one of those super absorbent, quick dry towels that campers and professional swimmers use (~$20 on Amazon). We bring two beach towels and they are SOAKED at the end and Rosie is still cold and wet.

    1. We’re at the Canton location. It would be so cool if we could do classes together! I think our kiddos are around the same ages. πŸ™‚

  2. That hooded towel is adorable! My sis-in-law send me a photo of my niece wearing one a few years ago at her swim lessons and I remember thinking that it was so cool! πŸ™‚

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