What the Jack?! #8

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Welcome to the eighth edition of What the Jack?!  

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Jack had me cracking up this week…

…when he gave me an interesting diagnosis while we were playing doctor…

#whatthejack | funny kids quotes

…when I was in his way…

#whatthejack | funny kids quotes

…when he broke my heart into a million pieces…

#whatthejack | funny kids quotes

…and when he was “talkin’ ’bout chocolate”…

#whatthejack | funny kids quotes


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22 thoughts on “What the Jack?! #8

  1. LOL! I love posts like these and your little quote boxes are so adorable! My favorite is the last one – not a regular snack mama, chocolate!

    1. So true! Growing up, I would tell my mom that I had two stomachs: one for salty food and one for sweets 😉

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