101 Must Have Products for Baby’s First 4 Years

101 Must Have Products for Baby's First 4 Years | Baby Registry + Gift Ideas

I can’t believe that in just 4 short months, I’m going to have a 4 year old.  For me, this is a monumental age, because 4 is no longer a baby.  He is now a child.  And that makes me sad.

But I’m also proud.  So. Incredibly. Proud!  I’ve kept this kid alive for 4 years.  That’s pretty remarkable if you ask me!

How did we succeed in the first few years?  I think I’ve done a pretty good job mothering.  Although he has moments, I think that Jackson is a well-rounded, overall good kid.  But, we didn’t get here sans help.  In addition to my awesome parenting skills, I’ve had the help of a variety of products.  On this list, you will find 101 items that got us through the first 4 years of my son’s life.  

This is a great list for parents-to-be, or those looking for unique baby shower gifts.  Remember: you have to think beyond the infant stage.  This list will provide you with all of my favorites – from books to gear.  Some food for thought (in no particular order) when you’re preparing for a baby…

  1.  Rock n’ Play Sleeper
  2. Boppy Pillow
  3. Stroller System with Carseat 
  4. Umbrella Stroller
  5. Bottles (I love Dr. Brown’s)
  6. Baby Food Pouches
  7. Baby Bullet
  8. Formula dispenser (great for snacks if you exclusively BF)
  9. Potty chair
  10. Non-slip bath mat
  11. Puffs
  12. Baby carrier
  13. Baby carrier insert
  14. Kirkland diapers
  15. Goodnight Moon book
  16. Pull-Ups
  17. Pacifiers 
  18. Infants’ Tylenol
  19. Teething rings
  20. Pants (you will get SO MANY onesies)
  21. Water table
  22. Baby bathtub 
  23. Nursing pads
  24. Wipes
  25. Toddler underwear
  26. High Chair
  27. High Chair booster seat
  28. Toddler carseat 
  29. iPad
  30. Protective case for iPad
  31. Boogie Wipes
  32. Coconut Oil
  33. Baby crayons and markers
  34. Toy Box
  35. The Very Hungry Caterpillar book
  36. Convertible crib
  37. Muslin swaddle blankets
  38. Multi-way nursing cover
  39. Vaseline
  40. Baby bottle drying rack
  41. Baby book
  42. Nighlights
  43. Outlet covers
  44. Cabinet locks
  45. Pack ‘n Play
  46. Large play pen
  47. SwaddleMe swaddle blankets
  48. Sleep sacks
  49. Floor seat
  50. Sunhat with UPF protection and a strap
  51. Baby toothbrush + toothpaste
  52. Step stool
  53. Sippy cups with straws
  54. Yogurt bites
  55. 4-in-1 tricycle 
  56. Jumperoo
  57. Breast milk storage bags
  58. Pacifier clips
  59. Teething necklace
  60. Sunscreen
  61. Reusable swim diapers
  62. Humidifier
  63. Detangler spray
  64. Eczema cream
  65. Heated Cozy
  66. Walker
  67. Stride Rite shoes
  68. Baby laundry detergent
  69. Bath toys
  70. Wagon
  71. Wooden puzzles
  72. Baby gates
  73. Curious George books
  74. Baby nail scissors
  75. Wooden train set
  76. Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner
  77. Fisher Price Aquarium 
  78. Carseat toy
  79. Cotton safety swabs
  80. Toddler bowls
  81. Toddler silverware
  82. Sandbox 
  83. Burp cloths
  84. Baby towels
  85. Bottle brush
  86. Video monitor 
  87. Sandwich cutters
  88. Breast pump
  89. Ice packs
  90. Place mats
  91. Tech21 phone case (it’s toddler-throw-proof!)
  92. Toddler bibs
  93. Teething bibs
  94. Lavender baby wash
  95. Baby lotion
  96. Picnic table
  97. Baby brush
  98. Quick and easy thermometer
  99. Pedialyte
  100. Stain remover spray
  101. Mega Bloks

101 Must Have Products for Baby's First 4 Years | Baby Registry | What to buy for baby | Baby and toddler necessities

30 thoughts on “101 Must Have Products for Baby’s First 4 Years

  1. Wow, I never realized how many things a baby / toddler actually needs! LOL! Some of my favorites are the boppy, the baby carrier, and the bouncy seat.

    1. Those are 2 of my favorites! My son is almost 4 and still enjoys sharing his baby sister’s puffs. πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s amazing how much stuff babies cause us to accumulate. You list is really spot on, though. I’m not gonna lie, I clicked on it thinking there would be a lot of needless fluff-type purchases, but this has all the BASICS that we really used. And yes to the umbrella stroller. We actually sold our tandem double stroller in favor of a lighter, easier to navigate double umbrella stroller. It was SO much better for travel, and even for around town.

    1. Thanks, Meg! This comment made me laugh, because I know exactly what you mean about the fluff posts (wipe warmers, diaper genies, etc.). That’s why I wanted to share what actually helped me survive these last 4 years. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know what I’d do without my pump! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it, but couldn’t survive without it!

  3. This is an amazing list! The Fisher Price aquarium was a bedtime lifesaver with my first child. We could literally put that on when he woke up at night and he’d fall back to sleep on his own!!

    1. The rock ‘n play was my number one essential for both babies! Crazy thing is, I didn’t even register for it. An experienced friend bought it for me, and I’m so thankful that she did!

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