The Quirky Details that Make Goldfish Swim School Unique

Goldfish Swim School Canton

Swim safety is a hot topic among parents.  With an increased interest in water safety, there’s also been an increase in the amount of swim schools for kids.  It seems like there are new swim schools popping up on every corner.  And, while I’m no expert on swim schools, I’m here to tell you why I absolutely adore our experience with Goldfish Swim School.  

Here are just a few of the quirky details that make Goldfish Swim unique:

The Baby Area

Goldfish Swim School Canton

Complimentary diapers and wipes, Bumbo seats, non-icky super clean changing surfaces – need I say more?  Can every public space have a baby area this convenient?

Family changing rooms

Goldfish Swim School Canton

The changing rooms are roomy enough for the entire family.  They’re also the perfect spot for nursing mamas!

Swim Toys

Goldfish Swim School Canton

The infant classes have a variety of different toys for the babies to play with.  There’s always something new and exciting.

Blow Dryers

Goldfish Swim School Canton

The blow dryers are a simple, yet much appreciated, fixture at Goldfish.

Swim Shop

Goldfish Swim School Canton

Mama loves to shop.  The swim shop at Goldfish has everything you need for swim class, and then some.  The prices are pretty affordable too!

Waiting Area

Goldfish Swim School Canton

Kids can color, read, and look at the fish tanks while they wait for their classes to begin.


Goldfish Swim School Canton

What makes the showers at Goldfish so special is the complimentary blue body wash.  It smells SO GOOD.  Jack agrees.

The baBY bOAT

Goldfish Swim School Canton

We get so excited when Audrey’s teacher brings out the baby canoe.  I mean, how cute is this thing?!


Goldfish Swim School Canton

Kids love to be recognized for their successes.  Every time Jack hits a new milestone in swim class, he adds a ribbon to his collection (which is proudly displayed on our refrigerator).

Do you go to Goldfish?  Did I miss any of your favorite details of this fabulous swim school?

18 thoughts on “The Quirky Details that Make Goldfish Swim School Unique

  1. Oh my gosh this place looks amazing and NOTHING like the swim school I took my son to last year. We had an awful experience and I haven’t taken him back since. All those toys and the baby boat. Seriously looks like an amazing place to take the kids!

    1. Goldfish really is so much more than a swim school. Our entire family looks forward to our weekly lessons. I wonder if you have a location in your area?

  2. That baby canoe is adorable, I want one! I haven’t tried Goldfish Swim School yet but I have heard a lot of good things about them! It looks like they have a lot of family-friendly features at their facilities.

    1. If you’re looking to get your little ones into a swim class, I recommend checking out Goldfish before anywhere else. Such clean facilities with the friendliest staff, too.

    1. How long have you guys been going? I can’t believe the improvements my little ones have made in just a few months!

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