The Simple Trick to Breaking a Co-Sleeping Habit {Zen Sack Review}

Let’s be honest, nobody sets out to co-sleep.  It’s something that just happens, usually out of desperation.  Some babies do not sleep well on their own and need a mother’s touch to soothe to help them sleep.  My son was one of those babies, and I so wish I knew about the Zen Sack when he was an infant.

Nested Bean Zen Sack Review

My one-year-old daughter is overall a much easier baby (and better sleeper) than my son was.  However, being a breastfed baby, she still has those nights when she is up every hour wanting to cuddle with me in bed.  I knew the second time around that co-sleeping wasn’t a habit I wanted to get into again.  That’s why when I was offered a Nested Bean Zen Sack to try out, I jumped on the opportunity!

How Does the Zen Sack Work?

The Zen Sack looks like any other wearable blanket.  It has a side zipper and  {adjustable} snaps at the shoulders, making it easy to put on and take off.  What makes it different than other sleep sacks is the weighted “chick” on the chest area.  It mimics the feeling of a mother’s touch on baby’s chest.  I found that when Audrey was feeling restless at night, that the extra weight prevented her from moving around too much.  However, I must note that it’s not dangerously heavy, it just adds a gentle pressure that helps her asleep.

Nested Bean Zen Sack Review

Since we started using the Zen Sack, Audrey has been sleeping great.  In her own bed.  Through the night.  This means mama has been sleeping well, too, and the entire family is happier when mama is fully rested.  

Since Audrey recently turned one, we’ve been slowly working on weaning her from nursing.  Our Zen Sack has been amazing in helping with that, as well.  We’re no longer waking up for night time feedings.  Win win!

The Zen Sack also comes with a little booklet of expert sleep tricks.  My favorite trick is that the sack can be reversed, worn backwards, for an older baby who sleeps on his or her tummy.  We LOVE this feature!

Nested Bean Zen Sack Review

The Zen Sack comes in two sizes: small (3-6 months) and medium (6-12 months).  Audrey is a year old and fits perfectly into the medium, with plenty of room to grow.  

You can find the Zen Sack, and other Nested Bean products on Amazon and other retailers nationwide.  For more information, visit their website here.
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