Mama’s Spring Shopping Guide

Spring Fashion Guide for Kids and Women | Mom Fashion Guide 2017 | Spring Fashion Must-Haves

Spring Fashion Guide for Kids and Women | Mom Fashion Guide 2017 | Spring Fashion Must-Haves

As the weather is slowly warming up, it’s time to pack up the winter gear for the season.  It’s also the perfect time to stock up on new spring wardrobes for you and your littles.  Yes, mama, I’m talking to YOU.  Don’t neglect your own wardrobe this year.  Updating your wardrobe is an important part of self-care that you don’t want to ignore.  

Here you will find my ultimate spring shopping guide for mamas and kids… including every Spring 2017 trend you’ll want to try.  My goal in creating this guide was to make it as least intimidating as possible.  I promise that this guide is fun, easy, and everything on it is extremely affordable.  In order to guarantee that last part, every item on this list in under $50!  Yep, even for you, pretty lady!

So sit back, relax, and let me guide you through spring fashion in 2017.  

Must-Haves for the Kids

Nautical Stripes 

Yellow Everything 

Slip-On Sneakers 

Statement Tees 

Inspired by Nature 

Must-Haves for Mama

Off-the-Shoulder Tops 

Yellow Everything 

Slip-On Sneakers 

Statement Tees 

Trench Coats

18 thoughts on “Mama’s Spring Shopping Guide

    1. I’m not one to wear a lot of yellow, but it’s everywhere this season! Guess I’ll have to give it a try!

  1. I can’t get my little man slip on sneakers, he pulls them off immediately, which is sad because you have some cute ones that I’d love for him to wear.
    I love the off the shoulder look, so cute. And trench coats are my favorite.

    1. My little guy loves the slip-ons, but daughter is another story. Some kids love an excuse to take off their shoes and throw them!

  2. Give me ALL the screen tee’s and sneakers!! Also I’m totally in love with yellow right now too! But it looks TERRIBLE on me!

    1. I think yellow looks terrible on me too! I guess we’ll have to find ways to strategically sneak it into our wardrobes!

  3. What great pics. I love all the yellow…it makes me so happy. I’m also in the market for a good slip on sneaker. Do you have a favorite that’s comfy enough for walking around a lot (while pregnant to boot!)?

    1. Finding the perfect spring coat is definitely a challenge! That’s why I love trenches, because they can be worn into fall.

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