Daily Cleaning Checklist All Moms {Working + Stay-at-Home} Can Follow

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Motherhood is overwhelming.  There, I said what we’ve all been thinking.  For me, one of the most overwhelming parts of being a mom is trying to keep my house cleaned.  When you’re a busy mama taking care of your kids, when are you supposed to find the time to clean???  The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to give up on everything be perfect.  It’s time to face the facts: your house will never be perfect with children living in it.  But it can be clean.  Really, it can!  Here is a simple daily cleaning checklist any mom can follow to keep a tidy home.


  • Make beds (if you have older kids, have them make their own)
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Wipe down bathroom sinks/toilets
  • Fluff living room pillows and fold blankets
  • Clean bathroom mirror


  • Load + run dishwasher
  • Sweep/vacuum
  • Wipe down counters
  • Pickup toys, organize into baskets for each room (have older kids put their own away)
  • Take out trash/recyclables 

Of course this won’t take care of your total cleaning workload, but it’s a start.  You can squeeze in mopping, dusting, polishing, etc. as needed and as your schedule allows.

Go ahead and print my Daily Cleaning Checklist and post it on your fridge.

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19 thoughts on “Daily Cleaning Checklist All Moms {Working + Stay-at-Home} Can Follow

    1. Nobody said it would be easy, but little tasks here and there help lighten our overall workloads!

  1. It is definitely overwhelming trying to keep a clean house with toddlers running around! This is a great list that I plan to use to help me out a little bit. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you! this is so great – I have been falling behind these days due to some huge work projects and my house is a wreck. I like the idea of splitting the list in morning and evening….will be trying for sure!

  3. I like this! I was raised to make the bed every morning so I keep that up but getting the dishes done? AH, sometimes I’m doing breakfast dishes while fixing dinner. The struggle!!

    1. I used to do this too. Once I started breaking up the housework load throughout the day, I’ve noticed I’m a lot less stressed!

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