101 End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts

101 End of the Year Teacher Gifts | What teachers really want | Ultimate list of gifts for teachers | unique gift ideas

If you’re looking for a unique way to thank you child’s teacher, then you’ve come to the right place.  It goes without saying that teachers appreciate all gifts.  They truly just want to be acknowledged for all of the hard work they put into educating, caring for, and protecting your children throughout the school year.  However, some gifts do stand out above the rest.  These are the gifts that are well thought out and personable for the particular teacher.  On this list, you will find 101 end-of-the-year teacher gift ideas.  You’ll find something for every budget – from DIY to gift cards.  Hopefully it helps you pick the perfect something for the special teacher in your child’s life! 

  1. A handwritten thank you note (this is appreciated more than anything!)
  2. Catered lunch for the school staff
  3. Starbucks gift card 
  4. DIY “Reach for my dreams” sleep spray gift (via Ava’s Alphabet)
  5. Amazon gift card
  6. DIY succulent garden (via Fancy Shanty)
  7. Set of assorted Sharpies
  8. Self-inking teacher stamp
  9. Good pens
  10. 52 Lists for Happiness book
  11. Staples gift card
  12. Coffee and donuts for the school staff
  13. Fresh flowers
  14. Stress-relief lotion
  15. Quirky office supplies
  16. Unplug Everyday book
  17. Stress-relief candle
  18. A donut with an adorable printable (via Smart School House)
  19. His/Her favorite candy
  20. Desk calendar 
  21. A “box of sunshine” (via Happy Go Lucky Blog)
  22. IHOP gift card
  23. DIY spa gift basket (via Mom 4 Real)
  24. Netflix membership
  25. DIY slipper gift (via Pretty Providence)
  26. Universal power adapter
  27. Krispy Kreme gift card
  28. School supplies gift basket (via Tator Tots & Jello)
  29. Instant camera
  30. DIY “thanks for helping me grow” planter
  31. How Teachers Swear coloring book
  32. Teacher appreciation cookies (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)
  33. Grocery store gift card
  34. Bottle of wine with teacher appreciation label
  35. Monogram tote
  36. Panera gift card
  37. Bath bomb gift set
  38. Portable charger
  39. Gift card to his/her favorite restaurant
  40. LCD writing board
  41. Willow Tree teacher angel
  42. Godiva chocolates
  43. Wooden desk calendar 
  44. Cute flash drive
  45. Basic desk supplies
  46. Set of classroom books
  47. Ice cream shop gift card
  48. Personalized mouse pad
  49. Mani/pedi gift card
  50. Math dish towel
  51. Movie theater gift card
  52. DIY beach towel gift (via Sisters, What!)
  53. Initial necklace
  54. Merch from his/her alma mater
  55. Teacher tote-all
  56. Book store gift card
  57. Tervis mug
  58. Alphabet scarf
  59. DIY “Thanks a Latte” gift (via Just Add Confetti)
  60. Desktop keyboard organizer
  61. Anthropologie Ready-for-Anything pouch
  62. Lumbar chair support
  63. Chocolate covered strawberries
  64. Michael’s gift card
  65. Recipe box (filled with family favorite recipes from the students in his/her class)
  66. Sephora gift card
  67. Burt’s Bees gift set
  68. DIY teacher emergency kit (via The 36th Avenue)
  69. Hobby Lobby gift card
  70. Pencils
  71. Personalized cutting board
  72. Subway gift card
  73. A magazine subscription 
  74. DIY emergency candy stash (via Eighteen 25)
  75. K-cups
  76. DIY lotto gift set (via Pigskins & Pigtails)
  77. Address book (filled with the addresses of students to send thank-yous, summer letters, etc.)
  78. Teacher’s Daily Lesson Planner
  79. iTunes gift card
  80. The End bookend 
  81. Dinner and a movie
  82. Funny teacher wine glass
  83. Because I Had a Teacher Book
  84. Gift card bouquet (via The Cul-de-Sac Blog)
  85. Teacher socks
  86. Dry-erase markers
  87. Chipotle gift card
  88. Energy tea
  89. School supply cup (via sheknows)
  90. Classic books
  91. Ice cream maker
  92. Redbox gift card
  93. Post-it notes
  94. Teacher creature t-shirt
  95. Clorox wipes with cute printable (via A Girl and a Glue Gun) 
  96. Pizza gift card
  97. Notepads
  98. Cutesie stapler
  99. Happiness planner
  100. Scissors
  101. A list of 101 reasons why you love him/her!

101 End of the Year Teacher Gifts | What teachers really want | Ultimate list of gifts for teachers | unique gift ideas

17 thoughts on “101 End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts

  1. As a former teacher, you have some great ideas on here! I love the stamp idea! And you’re right, a teacher just likes to know they’re appreciated. I’ve kept some very kind notes from parents over the years expressing their gratefulness, and those mean the most.

    1. I tried to include gifts male teachers would appreciate as well. I think they’re sometimes forgotten!

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