Iron-Rich Foods for Anemic Kids

Iron-Rich foods for anemic kids

Every time my son or I have blood work done, the same results come back: “slightly anemic.”  During her last checkup, my one-year-old daughter also had this diagnosis.  As with her her brother and I, Audrey was prescribed an iron supplement and told to eat an iron-rich diet.  But what exactly does an iron-rich diet consist of when it comes to kids?  What foods should we be adding or increasing in our kids’ diets?  After doing a little research, I came up with this list of iron-rich foods for kids who are anemic.

Iron-Rich Foods for kIDS

Red meat – Hamburgers, steak, and meatballs are the first that come to mind.  If you have a picky eater, beef jerky works too.  We make homemade jerky using our dehydrator, this allows us to control the amount of sodium added.  You can buy your own jerky dehydrator on Amazon for under $30.

Orange juice – While you aren’t going to get your daily dose of iron from a glass of oj, it’s recommended to drink it with your iron supplements.  Orange juice aids in iron absorption.

Quinoa – The perfect iron-rich food for kids who have aversions to meat.  There are endless ways to prepare quinoa – Pinterest has a ton of kid-friendly mac+cheese recipes.

Sweet potatoes – What kind doesn’t love sweet potatoes?  Swap out normal french fries or tots for the iron-rich sweet potato variety.

Raisins – Sneak them into cookies, muffins, or trail mixes for an iron-rich snack to eat on-the-go.

Spinach or Kale – While most kids will squirm at the thought of eating these leafy greens, you can easily add them into fruity smoothies. Check out my favorite chocolate-covered strawberry banana smoothie here.

Cheerios – A serving of this classic cereal provides children under 4 with half of their suggested daily intake of iron.  Who doesn’t love a bowl of Cheerios?


Iron-Rich foods for anemic kids

7 thoughts on “Iron-Rich Foods for Anemic Kids

    1. A lot of cereals are rich in iron. Good to know that this always kid-approved food is helping them in some way!

  1. I am not sure if my daughter is anemic, but I have been anemic my entire life. I did not know that oj helps on iron absorption, so I am good by to start drinking that right away! Luckily, my daughter is obsessed with all of these foods!

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