10 Essential Items for an Organized Home

It’s time for a little spring cleaning, mama.  As overwhelming as it can be to keep an organized house with kids running around, it’s not impossible.  I promise.  I suggest choosing a small project a day.  Maybe Monday you’ll organize under the bathroom sink while the kids nap; Tuesday you can straighten up the linen closet, etc, etc.  Here is a list of 10 of my personal favorite items that help keep my home organized.

 What did I miss?  How do you keep your home neat and tidy?

10 Essential Items for an Organized Home


  1. Cloth Storage Cubes – I have these everywhere.  They’re really useful for organizing craft supplies. 
  2. Brown Paper Bags – Just basic paper grocery bags are super handy when organizing.  Simply label them “trash,” “donate,” and “sell” so that you can easily get them to the appropriate place after cleaning.Organizing essentials
  3. Stuffed Animal Hammock See how we use ours here.
  4. Cleaning Tote – Put your most-used cleaning supplies in one of these handy totes.  It will instantly organize your under-the-kitchen-sink area, as well as make cleaning easier.
  5. Broom Holder – I thought it was silly when my husband bought one of these.  But now I will make sure we install one in every house we live in!  No more brooms and mops falling over every time you open the closet!
  6. Chalkboard Labels – I’m a huge fan of labeling to stay organized.  If everything has a spot, there’s no excuse for things to get messy.  Chalkboard labels are awesome because you can easily adjust the labels based on your changing needs or seasons.
  7. Hanging Closet Organizers – Think beyond shoes with these.  I have one that I use for diapers.home organization
  8. Scarf Hanger – These are great closet space-savers.  I use mine to store camis.  Why waste the hanger or drawer space?
  9. Menu Board – It doesn’t get more organized than meal planning.  Planning your meals using a menu board will prevent you from overbuying food, which clutters your kitchen.  The money you save is a bonus!
  10. Themed Toy Baskets – There are so many cute themed toy baskets.  My theory is that if everything has a home, then your house should stay tidy.  If you can’t find a specific themed basket or bin, you can always make your own by adding a label (printed picture labels work best for little kids!).

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18 thoughts on “10 Essential Items for an Organized Home

  1. I am always struggling with organization in our tiny home – the closets are impossibly small so we can’t even use them like normal closets. I use the shoe organizers for my little guys clothes and it works perfect! These are all great ideas!

  2. I have been wanting to get a hanging shoe organizer for my five-year-old, so we can lay out a week’s worth of clothes at the beginning of the week, and then be set! The other ideas are great, too. That menu board is adorable!

    1. I’ve seen that on Pinterest. Such a great idea – something I really would love to do once my kids are school-aged. I plan out every other aspect of my life, why not the kids’ wardrobes, too?!

    1. It’s one of those things you don’t know you need until you have it! Thanks for reading, Val!

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