7 Reasons Why I Love Kroger

7 Reasons Why I Love Kroger | Saving Money at Kroger | Couponing at Kroger | Kroger ClickList

{This post is NOT sponsored by Kroger.  I truly love the store.  If you’re with Kroger and just happen to stumble upon this article, let’s chat. ;)}


As a self-proclaimed bargain shopper, I like to save money in every aspect of my life.  My favorite thing to save money on is definitely groceries because it’s just so easy!  However, if you don’t put any effort into it, grocery shopping can be the easiest way to throw your money away.  One of my tips for saving on groceries is to not stay loyal to one store.  Shop around, research weekly ads, and put thought into what you need before heading to the store.  In this series, you’ll find the 7 reasons why I love my favorite stores.

Today is all about… Kroger! (Fun fact: my first job was a Kroger bagger!)

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7 Reasons Why I Love Kroger

1.  ClickList

Have you tried ClickList yet?  If you haven’t, let me be the first to tell you: it is LIFE CHANGING!  You simply order all of your groceries online, choose a pickup time, and let Kroger do the rest.  You get an hour window to pickup your groceries (I so appreciate the flexibility, because with little ones, I’m ALWAYS running late).  The Kroger employees come right to your car, load it up, and you get to pay on their tablet.  You never have to leave the driver’s seat.  One of my favorite perks is that they substitute similar products if they’re sold out of your original preference for the same price.  It doesn’t get much better, mama!


You can use both paper and digital coupons at Kroger.  Kroger also frequently sends out fliers with coupons for store brand products.  DO NOT THROW THESE AWAY.  It’s like throwing away money.  Store brand coupons are hard to come by.  And with already low prices, adding a coupon makes these private label products almost free! 

3.  10 for 10 Sale

I live for this sale.  It’s a couponer’s dream.  There are always a lot of name brand items included in this sale that I like to use coupons on to get the groceries for only a few cents, and sometimes free!

4.  Gas

Kroger has its own gas stations and they are fantastic!  When you use your Kroger card, you earn fuel points that take money off your gas purchases.  I’ve earned as much as 60 cents off per gallon!


Ask your Kroger pharmacist if there are any current prescription promotions.  Sometimes they load free grocery money to your Kroger card when you transfer a prescription from another pharmacy.

6.  Private Selection and Simple Truth

Kroger has some of the best private label products.  Simple Truth is one of my favorite natural and organic brands.  They have a great selection of organic meat sold under this label, at competitive prices.  Private Selection is Kroger’s gourmet food line.  They make some really interesting sauces, dressings, and marinades!


The Kroger app is awesome!  If you have a Kroger account, you can download the app and have all of your coupons at your fingertips while shopping.  You can also access the weekly ad from the Kroger app.  I always make sure to search and add the coupons before placing my ClickList order.

Do you shop at Kroger?  What else do you love about the grocery store? 

7 Reasons Why I Love Kroger | Saving Money at Kroger | Couponing at Kroger | Kroger ClickList

12 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Love Kroger

  1. I love Kroger. It’s my go to since it’s like a mile from my house. I used to shop at Meijer too, but since that’s a bit of a hike, and with two little ones in toe I want to get in and out asap. Also, construction. #theorangebarrelismichigansstateflower

  2. We don’t have Kroger here in Southern California, at least not that I’m aware of. I didn’t even know it was an actual store. Some store carry the Kroger brand, but now I’m sad that I’m missing out on all kinds of perks.

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