Is Anyone Really a Stay-At-Home-Mom?

I'm Not a Stay-At-Home-Mom

I hate meeting new people.  I don’t hate people, I actually enjoy socializing with new people.  It’s the meeting part that I dread.  I hate it because the question of What do you do for a living? inevitably always comes up.  I never know how to answer this.  I usually end up just saying that I’m a stay-at-home-mom.  I’m a liar.  And if you call yourself a stay-at-home-mom, you’re a liar too.

Is anyone really a stay-at-home-mom?  

Since becoming a mother, I’ve been a lot of things.  I’ve been a student.  I’ve had countless “side hustles.”  I’m a blogger.  I could go on, and on, and on with all the things that I do.  One thing that I don’t do is stay home.

In addition, I know plenty of mamas who don’t have side hustles going on,  and they also still do not stay home.  They are constantly on play dates with their kids, acting as chauffeurs, and running countless errands.  The homemaker days of moms watching soap operas in their housecoats, while eating bon-bons are long gone.  I’m actually not convinced that those days ever existed.

Not every mom has a 9-5 job.  But I can promise you that every mom works.  We work our butts off.  But what are we supposed to do when we’re filling out preschool applications that beg for our occupation?  I’m tempted to write in Wonder Woman. 

Only recently have I given myself enough respect to stop referring to myself as a stay-at-home-mom.  Now when I meet new people I tell them that during the day, yes I am home with my kids.  But I do A LOT in addition to, you know, raising some pretty awesome little humans.  I am a superhero.  

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10 thoughts on “Is Anyone Really a Stay-At-Home-Mom?

  1. I LOVE this post so much. I feel like when people think you “just stay at home” that you sit around all day with your kids and do nothing.

  2. I also dread when people ask me what I do. My MIL told me to say “living the good life” but that doesn’t really sum up my days of dealing with 2 crying kiddos, while online banking, texting with my husband and coordinating a playdate.

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