How to Shop Forever 21 When You’re No Longer 21

Shopping Forever 21 as a Mom

When I was in high school, I could dig through a Forever 21 for hours.  Literally hours.  I wouldn’t stop until I had seen every item of clothing they had on the sales floor.

Today is another story, on account of…

a. I’m no longer 21

b. I’m a mother of 2

c. I no longer have the patience of a teenager

d. The stores are bigger, more expensive, and chock-full of so much stuff.What to buy at Forever 21 When you're not 21

Just because things have changed, doesn’t mean you can’t still find treasures at Forever 21.  Read on for my tips for shopping the fast fashion superstore when you’re no longer 21…

Tips for Shopping Forever 21 When You’re No Longer 21

  • Throw your plans out the window.  Forever 21 is the store you make spontaneous purchases at, not the store you go into with something in mind.
  • Don’t expect stellar customer service.  This is not Nordstrom.
  • Try it on.  The sizes are not consistent – I’ve bought every size from XS-L.
  • Leave the kids at home.  There is so much stuff crammed into those stores, making them far from stroller accessible.  (But if you must, it can be done ;)).

What to buy at Forever 21 When you're not 21

What to Buy at Forever 21


Forever 21 Underwear

I very recently realized what a treasure trove Forever 21 is for undies.  They’re cheap, cute, and to be honest, is there much of a difference between a $3 and $30 piece of lace?!

Trendy Dresses

Forever 21 Dress

If there’s a trend you’re dying to try, but not committed to, Forever 21 is your store.  I look to Forever 21 for dresses that I’m only going to wear once or twice (Think weddings, vacations, etc!).

Fun Socks

Forever 21 Sushi Socks

Because you’re never too old for sushi socks.


Forever 21 Blouse

No need to splurge on a trendy top.  Save your hard-earned money for classic wardrobe pieces that you’ll hold onto forever.

What NOT To Buy at Forever 21

You’re a big girl now, mama.  You can’t buy your entire wardrobe at Forever 21.  These are the items you should splurge on and never buy at a fast-fashion store:

Shoes, denim, bras, basic tees and tanks, leggings, handbags, swimwear, sweaters

What to buy at Forever 21 When you're not 21

Photos courtesy of Brianna Rose Photography.

What’s the best thing you ever found at Forever 21?

22 thoughts on “How to Shop Forever 21 When You’re No Longer 21

  1. This is such a great article! Americans Eagle was my fast fashion brand growing up and I have been beedn ting to keep keep little of it my life and this is how I guess. Thank so for showing you are never too old for the trends (if done correctly)

  2. I buy all my colored jeans there, they’re one of the few places that sells them in 23’s. I shop online though because I’m too overwhelmed in the store.

  3. Love this! I always make sure I go without my kids when I go to Forever! I also love their jewelry for just everyday wear since it’s so affordable! Their accessories can be a fun way to change up plain ol’ mom clothes and not break the bank!

  4. OMG THIS! I love shopping Forever21 for trendy items! I’m always experimenting with my style and over the last 4 years I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding the entire time, so my clothing needs/choices/wants have been all over the place, and it really just doesn’t make sense to purchase these items at a nicer store. Forever21, shein, rue21, those kinds of places are BOMB.COM for “fast fashion” pieces for sure! Your tips are SPOT on!

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