10 Must-Have Items for Surviving the Toddler Years

10 Must-Have Items for Surviving the Toddler Years

Toddlerhood is hard, mama.  Now that I have one kid exiting this stage, while the other is entering it, I feel this is the perfect time to share my secrets to surviving the toddler years.  Read on for my 10 essential items for this stage of motherhood.  Anything I missed?

  Surviving the Toddler Years


    1. Magic Erasers – Toddlers make messes.  If you need to quickly remove crayon from a plastic toy, or scrub a pair of muddy white shoes, these sponges will be your saving grace.  They’re not called magic for nothing!
    2. Playpen – I never in a million years thought I would buy one of these.  But once you have an out-of-control-into-everything toddler, a playpen (or baby jail) will become your favorite item in your house.  I throw some Little People or Mega Bloks in there with my tots when I need to make dinner or clean up.
    3. Art Supplies – Toddlers are going to make messes no matter what.  Scheduling planned arts+crafts time will save your sanity.  We love Crayola Fingerpaint.  In my experience, it’s the most washable paint out there for little artists.  We use it for projects other than just fingerpainting.
    4. Video Monitor – If you ever want to shower, or do just about anything else alone, a highly suggest a video monitor.  This thing is basically my live-in nanny.  (If you have multiple children, you can buy extra cameras!) 
    5. Push bike – Toddlerhood is an awkward stage.  Your kid wants to do everything on their own, yet they still are pretty helpless.  We found this push bike to be the perfect solution for trips to the park, when our tots think they’re too big for the stroller.  
    6. Umbrella Stroller – There will be times that your super independent tot’s legs will get “so tired!”  Although we admittedly don’t use our umbrella stroller that often, it’s so useful for the times when we need a little help.  They don’t take up too much room and are super budget-friendly, so I recommend keeping one in your trunk at all times!
    7. Stickers – There’s just something about stickers!  My toddlers love them!  We use fun stickers for reward charts, art projects, and learning games.  {Print your own free reward chart here!} 
    8. Lunch bag – Silly as it may seem, you’ll want to buy your tot a lunch box before their school days.  Before we leave the house, whether it be for a day of errands or a trip to the zoo, we pack our lunch bag.  Having a variety of snacks and drinks on hand at all times helps is essential when it comes to unpredictable toddlers.  Also, it prevents us from going through the dreaded fast food drive-thru.
    9. Straws – We always have straws in the house, and I always keep one or two in the car, as well.  My toddlers will drink pretty much anything with a straw.  Trick to getting your picky eater to drink a healthy green smoothie?  A straw.  Perfect toy for your screaming toddler in Target?  A straw.  Simple things, mama.  Simple things.  {Love these silicone reusable straws, too!}
    10. Baby wipes – Even once your toddler is potty trained, you’ll never stop buying baby wipes.  Nothing is easier for a quick cleanup or stain remover.  I think I use more baby wipes now, than I did when my kids were infants.

10 Must-Have Items for Surviving the Toddler YearsPhotos courtesy of Brianna Rose Photography.

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  1. Magic Erasers have saved my walls so many times!! Even when my toddler knows she should only color on paper as soon as I’m not looking it will end up on the wall ๐Ÿ˜›

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