Before you judge, think.


Before you judge the mom whose kid is watching cartoons on an iPad in a restaurant, think.  Maybe this is the only way she can enjoy a meal in peace.

Before you judge the mom who is looking frustrated while her kid is throwing a temper tantrum, think.  Perhaps her child has trouble communicating and his speech delay is frustrating for both of them.

Before you judge the mom enjoying a night out with her girlfriends, think.  Maybe this is her first night out in months, or even years.

Before you judge the mom grocery shopping in her pajamas, think.  Maybe she spent her entire morning getting everyone else ready, and she didn’t get a chance to take a shower or wash her own clothes.

Before you judge the mom feeding her kid fast food, think.  Maybe she’s happy her kid is eating anything at all.

Before you judge the mom whose baby isn’t wearing any shoes, think.  Maybe the baby kicked them off and she’s sick of looking for them.

Before you judge the mom using food stamps, think.  Perhaps that mother is working multiple minimum wage jobs and still not making enough to feed her family.

Before you judge the mom whose baby isn’t properly buckled in his carseat, think.  Maybe no one has taught her how to do so.  Use this as an opportunity to educate a fellow mother.

You don’t know any of these moms’ stories.  The truth is, we all have a story.  When it comes to mom shaming, nothing is black and white.  There is always a story behind what you see.  We’re all doing the best that can.  Stop shaming and start thinking, mama.  We’re all in this together.

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20 thoughts on “Before you judge, think.

  1. Yes, yes, and yes! My oldest son has high functioning autism which means most of the time he can blend in and people have no idea, and other times he has a full blown meltdown at the littlest of things. Oh the stares we get when our 7 year old falls apart. Being a mom is hard enough without all the judgmental stares!

    1. Social media has definitely made it hard! I don’t like that I know all of my friends’ and family members’ views on parenting now that it’s all made public!

  2. This is so important. I don’t have any kids but my sister is a new mother and I’m seeing second hand the struggle she goes through with my nephew. I’m sure it’s a struggle for all parents in their own ways. So I definitely have so much more empathy for parents when I see them.

    1. It goes beyond parents, too. I think we need to stop being so judgmental of other humans in general. We need to put ourselves in others’ shoes more often. 🙂

  3. Completely agree! As a mom to five of my own, I tend to not judge because as you’ve said, you never know what someone else is going through. Also, I’m too busy with my own stuff to worry about what someone else and their kids are or are not doing. 😉

    1. Haha! Love that! Think how much more time we’d all have if we just stopped caring what others think in general!!

    1. I think we’ve all been there! I totally thought that about the iPad parents… I wish I could go back and time and slap myself for thinking that!

  4. So many of us are quick to judge (I know I have been guilty of it) until it happens to us. I don’t think people realize how unpredictable kids can be and how we as parents are all just trying to survive them. I know we all parent in our own way. I love this article. It shows why mommy shaming should never be a thing.

    1. Thanks, Magen. I think it all stems down to the way we’re wired to look for everyone’s flaws. If we all just started looking for the good things in others, this world would be such a better place. This is especially true for the motherhood community. Thanks for reading!

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