5 Versatile Dresses Every Mom Needs

A girl can never have too many dresses, right?  As a mom, I find myself wearing more dresses now than ever before.  Simply put: dresses are EASY.  They’re one piece, they’re comfortable, and they’re {usually} forgiving. 

Scroll down to discover the 5 dresses every mom should have in her wardrobe {via PinkBlush}.

5 Versatile PinkBlush Dresses Every Mom Needs in her Wardrobe

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1 – Lace Shift Dress

Contrary to popular belief: lace can be casual.  I paired my grey PinkBlush lace shift dress with sneakers, a headband, and ponytail (Photo courtesy of Brianna Rose Photography).

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2 – Modest Black Dress 

Every woman should have a modest black dress in her wardrobe.  It’s classic and appropriate for any occasion.  

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3 – Casual Striped Dress

Stripes are fun and never go out of style.  Pair your casual striped dress with a denim jack and leggings for colder months.

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4 – Denim Dress

The possibilities of a denim dress are endless.  They’re perfect for any season!

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5 – Basic Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are flattering on all body types and are a great choice for pregnant mamas!

5 Versatile Dresses Every Mom Needs | PinkBlush | Mom Fashion | Mom Style

6 thoughts on “5 Versatile Dresses Every Mom Needs

  1. I’m pretty sure you’re right, I do need these! I love dresses because my husband always asks ‘why are you so dressed up?’ and my answer is really ‘I didn’t want to put on pants’ but I tell him I just like looking nice for him! haha!! I love a good maxi dress for the days I don’t feel like shaving, too 😉

  2. These are great! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I am partial to the black one. My whole life, I hated dresses. I only recently started wearing them and I really like these. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m loving all the comfy maxi dresses in the world these days. Especially for this VERY pregnant girl, it’s nice to be able to feel pretty AND comfortable at the same time. Stretchy clothes are my friends these days.

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