New Homeschool Mom Starter Pack


If you’re reading this blog post, I’m assuming you’re a new homeschool mom. Or you’re on the fence about homeschooling. Or you’re just curious how learning from home works. Regardless of your reasoning for being here, WELCOME!

Homeschooling isn’t half as complicated or as stressful as you may think it is. I’ve had many new homeschool moms come to me recently; all feeling overwhelmed and lost about where to “start.” If you’re in this camp, I hope this simple list helps guide you in the right direction.

The New Homeschool Mom Starter Pack

Education/Inspiration for mom

The first thing I would invest in is your own education, mama. No, you don’t need a teaching degree to homeschool. But it will help if you’re feeling inspired and confident about homeschooling. I recommend listening to podcasts and reading books related to homeschooling. My favorites include:


The Homeschool Sisters

Brave Writer

Read-Aloud Revival



The Brave Learner


The Read Aloud Handbook


Simplicity Parenting


I say this all the time: kids learn so much from playing games. No matter your kids’ ages, having a solid foundation of games in the house will make your homeschool days so much more enjoyable. Some basics I would start with are:




Professor Noggin’s Card Games



A Library Card

This really should be number one. Get used to using your library. A lot. I know that not all public libraries are open right now due to the pandemic, but a lot are providing contactless pickup. There are picture books on virtually every subject matter. Our favorites are picture book biographies! With access to a library, you could homeschool for practically free. 

Basic Workbooks

If you’re overwhelmed by curriculum choices, start with a basic workbook for your child’s grade level that covers all the subjects. You can build upon the topics and elaborate on those in which your child needs more work on. Workbooks are inexpensive (in case they don’t work out) and good way to determine what learning styles work for your family. Our favorite workbooks are:


Brain Quest Workbooks

Along with some basic supplies (crayons, scissors, pencils), this is a good starting point. Don’t make your job harder than it needs to be. You’ll naturally learn to supplement where necessary. And if you journal your daily activities, I think you’ll find that you’re doing a lot of learning unintentionally. You got this, mama!

Find more of our curriculum picks here.

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